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Found 5 results

  1. terrariums/jarrariums are quickly catching up to aquariums as my favorite and they are even more dangerous because they can be small. not much you can keep in a small tank but you can in a terrarium. and there are no water changes and if set up correctly, no maintenance besides plant trimming and an occasional misting. no filters, heaters, etc needed. sales pitch over 😂 this was my jumping spider’s previous terrarium set up: not too bad but im not a fan of tank gravel and i wanted to make it bioactive with scavengers/detritivores like isopodes which cant live in the gravel. and the remake: you can see her at the top center lots of ivy in the back that is going to take over hopefully soon. alder cones as small pine cones i really wanted to give her lots of branches and decorations to climb on and wanted it to look like an overgrown forest. im pretty pleased with it. plants: moss (a wildtype i dont know from my backyard, sphagnum, spanish, and sheet), arrowhead, english ivy, and the plant that is sold for aquariums but is terrestrial that i cant remember the name of. substrate: rocks as a drainage area, bioactive terrarium substrate mix, topped with a mix of fluorite and stratum. the terrarium substrate ive had in a tub with a culture of springtails in it. ill be adding more of my little projects in this thread 😊
  2. I saw some floating candle holders the other day and thought there must be something I can do with these. I started off by using it as a view window to cut through the distortion coming from the bubbles of the sponge filter, but that got boring. I could have used them as intended, but I like to find different uses for things. So I decided since they look like small terrarium bowls that I'd try for a floating small "terrarium." Currently I have just put some coco coir and chia seeds in it. We'll see how it turns out. Since I have several extra of these I might try some other plants in the future, but I could use some suggestions. Day 1
  3. I’m moving my betta from a 2.5gal to a 10gal. I realize the 10gal might be too big for my desk and might go to the dresser. That being said I would like to still use my 2.5gal. I’ve seen people make terrariums using twigs and dirt and stuff from local ponds or rivers and also the water too. Would this be a good idea to do with the 2.5gal? Or does anyone have any other ideas?
  4. I'd like to set up a terrarium but having some trouble finding items for it. Where is a good place to buy the actual glass terrarium? I've found a few, but none that are exactly what I'd like. I can't find a place that has a good selection. What are other good resources to buy the terrarium supplies? Serpa Design has been an awesome resource for ideas and materials, just wish I could find some of the items he uses more easily. Thanks for your help.
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