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My name is Adam, I am from Louisiana, and I am new to keeping fish. About two months ago my fiancée brought home blue our betta fish. I initially did not want it at the house because we already have enough pets but she insisted that it was for our son. Our son who is two named the fish lol, that's why his name is blue. Finally I caved, but I told her that the fish would her responsibility. After about a week I started watching aquarium co-op videos just to see if we were doing things right. Initially we had our fish in a tiny bowl, that day I learned it is not good to keep them in tiny bowls. I went out and got him a 5 gallon tank. Ever since then my interests were peaked. I have been watching so many videos from aquarium co-op, kgtropical, and Irene from Girl talks fish. I have now found a new hobby that I enjoy! I also do all the tank maintenance lol. Blue has been such a joy to have in the home!



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