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Fishtoberfest in Portland

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Nice to see @Candi, @Boband @Bentley Pascoeat Fishtoberfest. LRB and Dan’s fish also In the house.

This is my first fishtube or club event ever. Really interesting what kind of deals you can get on fish, plants, food and hard scape. 

I ended up with crypt wendtii brown, crypt jacobsonii, aponogeton ulvaceus, green Neocaridina, Hawaiian Variatus platys, trout goodied amoeca splendens, some different leaf litter- cinnamon tree leaves and guava leaves, aquatic arts algae wafers, pe mysis flakes. I bought the leaves and foods with a gift card I won from aquatic arts.DF97AD40-AD97-4DAF-90B4-8DB9A64D3FEB.jpeg.a741507cecf26269e4809eb48f3a1e89.jpeg

@Candi great to see a fellow NERM along with BCBB329F-0C6C-4AF5-A2B1-68156970A325.jpeg.3756601efd2f5fcbc7c84d698608acbf.jpeg

@Boband LRB, 


Jason from RedFishBlueFish speaking on tissue culture plants and 


@Bentley Pascoewho brought and gave me a crypt (jacobsenii)! 

Like these micro scapes. I see some wabi sabi in my future. FF60D785-DCEA-4638-A62C-4FF66AC684BF.jpeg.40a36ccee9678c725c4ba8485213bfdc.jpeg

and an informative session on packing fish from Dan’s fish! 
Was worth 6 hours of driving back and forth! 

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I was there as well. It was a good time. Really enjoyed seeing the different folk, all the tables and hearing the different speakers. Pretty cool to have something like this happen near enough to easily make the trip. 

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