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Want to breed some cool fish??

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These are my favorite U. S. Natives…


Totally awesome in spawning colors, Notropis Chrosomus (Rainbow Shiners) from Alabama-Tennessee Southeastern U. S. region are wonderful Hydrophlox shiners for a home aquarium.

Here’s an informal video look at several fry batches I’m working on…

And here’s a breeding journal I’m keeping of all that I’m learning. No secrets kept, so steal away — go for it!

Others on Forum have done much more, and are seeing awesome success with them. Check out…

Also, follow @WhitecloudDynasty for master breeding tips!

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On 9/5/2021 at 6:48 PM, Tihshho said:

Your breeding thread always has me lurking, these are some stunning fish! I'd consider trying them out if I could source them. They probably would do well in tubs in the spring and fall.

Yes! @WhitecloudDynasty Does great with them in tubs. Once they’re mature, they breed readily enough over stone-filled containers.

You can find them for sale. Hunt them down, and I guarantee you’ll find them.

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