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Who’s from West Virginia?


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Are there many Mountaineers in this forum? I’m in Fayetteville and I do not know any local serious enthusiasts. I’d love to find some locals to swap fish and plants with some time. I’d also really love to get a Club started someday. The closest club is over 3.5 hours away and I can’t get much info about it. Let me know if you’re anywhere near the Fayetteville area and would like to talk fish sometime 

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@JoshStover Hi  how are you  and welcome to the forum .. I am glad to see someone else from WV here … I am from Ravenswood  Jackson county was  born there.. got married in my teens moved to NC for 20 years .. then I moved back to Ravenswood after my separation then later widowed   been back since 1997 , I use to travel by Fayetteville allot going back and forth  WV to NC and vice versa ..

I am in the same boat that is why i love having this forum I have to travel 1-2 hours  to nearest fish store.. 

i also tried finding a local club with no luck  i did find 2 WV Aquarium pages / group on facebook .. i do not know much about them though . I do most of my fish supplies shopping online  mostly at Aquarium Coop or amazon 

@DemonHunter77 I know  he is from WV  i think around Charlestown ..

 Not sure i think @sudofishis from WV  too I could be  wrong 

I have had a tank and fish 11-15 years but i only got into real plants about a year ago 

Take care ..Bev 

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