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Mudfish colony // breeding project Phractolaemus ansorgii

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New roomates for the african butterfly fish have arrived. A group of 6 mudfish by far the craziest and most intriguing fish ive ever seen in person.

The reaction from my wife, despite knowing they were coming, was as you would expect when I opened a box containing what can only be adequatly described as a bag of 6" jumping dinosaurs at our telework desks. 20210810_140524_1.gif.a420eafebfa518c61f19481361d859a5.gif

Not the best photo in the water but we will get plenty more to post in the coming years. I can only imagine what the first feeding will be like once they get all settled. 


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@Fish Folk thanks much. I say the same about your selections as well. These are going to be some challenge they are way cooler in person than t b e few videos on youtube. I can only imagine when they start interacting with each other as they mature. 

My butterfly fish group formed two pairs and started dancing immediately when i swapped these in for the moliwe kribs and adjusted the decor slightly. Male in trail with the longer anal fin ray, female out front with the even anal fin. 20210810_164505_1.gif.fd5b234c420500f2a3b47344cd338fff.gif20210810_164505_2.gif.759b26be4e02d2fa59dcc810a564b62c.gif. Moliwe to a 20 also fired up immediately i think it has worked well for all groups. Not the best resolution but will upload better as anything noteworthy happens 

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@MAC yes they remind me of the fish version of a platypus with the mouth / trunk you dont expect to see on a fish.

The knowledge gained either on how to keep them and breed them or ill how to not keep them will be a fun journey to document for me. Id prefer success over hard learning but both make me a better fishkeeper in the future. 

I will update the process milestones here whichever way they go for me. Guess its about time for a 2nd security camera in the fishroom to document that tank.  

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