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Found 4 results

  1. I had just fed them so I figured the initial biting I was seeing was the food aggression nipping and chasing that one of them does, but I realized that both fish were biting each other, which never happens. As it progressed it appeared to become a mating ritual. I am further convinced that this is what it is because it is between a male and female butterfly.
  2. I’ve recently become more active in these forums and have really been appreciating everyone’s feedback, so I figured I could get some thoughts for my tank stocking. I’m currently setting up a 60 gallon aquarium (48.5x18.5x16 in) and I am unsure of what fish would go well with my planned stocking. I know for sure that I will be getting a group of African butterfly fish, as well as a ropefish and petricola catfish. I have spent a long time trying to determine a good active fish that would work well with the butterflies. I know that the fish need to be big enough to not be eaten and also need to peaceful fish that won’t nip fins since the butterfly has lots of large finnage. This really limits my options because it seems that every species I research can become fin nippers. I’d really appreciate recommendations for what type of fish would work well with my planned fish. Thanks, Jack
  3. I’m planning on setting up a new aquarium in the coming weeks, either a 40 or 55 gallon depending on the size of stand I can find at a good price. My planned stocking for the aquarium is going to be 3 African butterfly fish, a group of 6 petricola catfish (possibly more in the future) and a rope fish. I want to get the sponge filters to limit the flow because I know the butterfly fish prefer water that has little to no movement and I can easily put something at the surface to stop the ripples caused by the sponge filter. I’m just wondering if 1 large ACO sponge filter will suffice or if I should get multiple. I’ve seen people do it both ways and I’m just wondering what you guys would recommend. Thanks, Jack
  4. New roomates for the african butterfly fish have arrived. A group of 6 mudfish by far the craziest and most intriguing fish ive ever seen in person. The reaction from my wife, despite knowing they were coming, was as you would expect when I opened a box containing what can only be adequatly described as a bag of 6" jumping dinosaurs at our telework desks. . Not the best photo in the water but we will get plenty more to post in the coming years. I can only imagine what the first feeding will be like once they get all settled.
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