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Found 6 results

  1. I wish to start a colony of endlers. I figure I would start w 2 makes and 4 females. How large a tank should I set up for the long run?
  2. New roomates for the african butterfly fish have arrived. A group of 6 mudfish by far the craziest and most intriguing fish ive ever seen in person. The reaction from my wife, despite knowing they were coming, was as you would expect when I opened a box containing what can only be adequatly described as a bag of 6" jumping dinosaurs at our telework desks. . Not the best photo in the water but we will get plenty more to post in the coming years. I can only imagine what the first feeding will be like once they get all settled.
  3. I've kept many species and seen aggression from almost everything, many non-pike cichlids, two types of dwarf pike cichlids, variatus platys, plecos, wild bettas, etc s ome of which have ended in major injury. Plecos in particular are pretty vicious fighting over caves in my experience. That leads me to think freshwater puffers might be getting get a bad reputation. I work with the hairy puffer pao baileyi (now paired up) who never had a fight since arrival in 2018, and seperately have the mekong river puffer pao palustris in a colony that has now been in the fishroom for a month or two. Are Pao puffers really total murder machines who need solitary confinement in all instances or are they the victims of a reputation that might be amplified by how the exist in the hobby? A few of my 6 pao palustris colony definately chase each other from time to time and give some quick though intense "mouth hugs". I would bet those are probably territorial arguments. They end fairly quickly once line of sight is lost and everyone moves back to the cave or plant roots they call home. My current belief is they arent trying to fight to the death since they are all doing well eating, exploring, general puffering, and there has been only superficial scrapes thusfar. Those arguments have become less frequent as they have settled into defined territories. The attached short video clip is from earlier and is the palustris colony's typical feeding response to frozen krill. They even feed with a bit of a pecking order and exhibit some personal preference for certain foods. I have also observed both of those behaviors in my hairy puffers. Is the reputation of the ambush puffers based on research, a built in margin of safety due to their cost and how they are sold to hobbyists, aquarium legend, something else ? Am I just lucky with the 9 individuals over 2 Pao species I've kept so far? What say you nerms?
  4. Here's my 10g mini-colony of Neolamprologus multifasciatus. I have two adult males that have staked out opposite sides of the tank. I added the rock in the middle to divide their territories, which seems to be working well so far. There are a few either females or juvenile males also sharing either side of the tank, and at least one fry in the group on the right (I had seen four at one point, but if there are still more than one, they aren't all out at the same time). If I ever have the space, I'd love to setup a large tank with 30-40 of these fish, they are so interesting to watch!
  5. Hi all, I was looking into seething up a tank for some habrosus corydoras to breed in a colony style I’m not sure if I’ll invest in a fish to keep around the top to keep with them, but will shrimp and snails decimate the egg population or if I plant heavy enough should I be able to see fry eventually. Appreciate the information!
  6. Hey all I personally love to colony breed all my fish, but I am well aware that for show quality guppies Colony breeding is not the best. I am interested to see if others do line or colony breeding and if anyone you have noticed any drop off in quality based on your different breeding styles. SPREAD THAT GUPPY LOVE
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