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Is this plastic aquarium safe?


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I’d love to add this little Stormtrooper to my Starwars scape but I’m hesitant! Has anyone had experience with this before? I have done some research and it’s hit or miss. Some say it would be an absolute tragedy and others say in small amounts, it’s hardly noticeable (if at all) in terms of changing water conditions. 





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In my experience (YMMV), I have put MANY MANY plastic toys in freshwater tanks, with no trouble at all.

It is my opinion that even toxic plastics would seep so little as to negatively affect freshwater fish.

In my case of the Star Wars tank, those two AT-STs are micro-machines, and I weathered them with acrylic paint. And that's 5 gallons of water, with no issues that I could trace back to poisoned water.

It's marine tanks you have to watch for that kind of thing, because so many things deteriorate in saltwater.

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On 8/3/2021 at 6:57 PM, Stef said:

Are there any lubricants used in any of the joints of the figure?  Not sure if there’s any metal supports inside or if it’s entirely plastic. 

Not on this particular figure! It’s entirely plastic! I popped an arm off for that purpose. Hahaha 

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