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  1. Thank you so much @Odd Duck! Sometimes I think to myself, “do I need to quit the hobby? Am I just not cut out for this?” I am likely an over feeder too to be entirely honest so I’m glad you mentioned that! Cutting back the lights & feedings hopefully will help! I’m also going to strongly consider some snails. I’ve heard their benefits far outweigh their “problems.”
  2. Thank you for your help! So I have a Rubberlip pleco and salt and pepper corycats! I’ve considered nerites but hate the thought of eggs all over the glass. It might be worth the gamble though. My water parameters are pretty steady at 7.8 PH, 0 Ammonia, 0 Nitrites, and between 5.0ppm - 10ppm Nitrates. I’m newer to the planted tank side of the hobby so I keep feeling like I’m flopping with all this algae!
  3. I appreciate the help so much!! This has been a battle! I’ll post updates soon with progress (hopefully)!
  4. I’ve got an electric blue acara, peppered cories, rubberlip pleco, and some tetra! I actually always have the curtains closed (except in this picture ofcourse!) We took the screens out so we had the curtains open. Here’s another picture.
  5. I need some advice! I have been battling green hair algae for a couple weeks. I’ve decreased the lights to only about 8 hours a day. The only fertilizer I use is root tabs from the co-op. I keep removing it but it comes right back!! Its a 40 gallon breeder with a Hygger 26W light Any suggestions?
  6. Hello! I am newer to plants and have never seen this before .. is it an algae? It seems to primarily be on my Amazon Sword. It’s so strange!
  7. Not on this particular figure! It’s entirely plastic! I popped an arm off for that purpose. Hahaha
  8. @Odd Duck Yes! I’ve heard this also! I haven’t known anyone to actually do it though. I might experiment with it out in a bucket and/or do a little more research.
  9. I’d love to add this little Stormtrooper to my Starwars scape but I’m hesitant! Has anyone had experience with this before? I have done some research and it’s hit or miss. Some say it would be an absolute tragedy and others say in small amounts, it’s hardly noticeable (if at all) in terms of changing water conditions. Thoughts?
  10. @Guppysnail Thank you for the feedback! I really appreciate it! So the celestial pearl danios help keep the copepod population down? I was really shooting for a shrimp only tank but I am kind of obsessed with keeping my tanks crystal clear and clean... the copepods might just be enough to push me to get fish in there. I have been suggested and have seen in different articles that people suggest chili rasboras as well. Would those be a contender to to take care of the problem as well?
  11. @tolstoy21 hahaha ya got me there! Mine don’t seem to care much about the dish yet. They are very young though, and small still so I am hopeful that they will begin to utilize it eventually! I recently found what I am pretty positive are Copepods in my shrimp tank. I know they aren’t harmful but I hate that they are in there. I’ve never dealt with any like planaria, detritus worms, copepods, etc until now. There are only a few copepods that I could see after examining for what my husband claims was “hours.” Haha Shrimp only tanks seem to come with so many different challenges than my other tanks. My immediate reaction was water change but I know shrimp can be sensitive to water changes also so I’ve been doing them sparingly & slowly. Feeling a little defeated but they are so cute!
  12. Thank you @tolstoy21! I appreciate the thorough information!! I really do! I also have fine sponges in my shrimp tank for filtration. I was worried they’d wiggle their way into the holes and I’d squish them during cleaning. What is your favorite food? Also, this may seem like a silly question but do you feel like the shrimp start to go to the dish more as they realize what it is? (Haha I hope that makes sense)
  13. @Streetwisedo you keep a seasoned bucket? Or do you always have it filled? Did you have fish in it at one point? I’d love to know more!
  14. Thank you so much @JettsPapa! I really appreciate!
  15. Thank you @Guppysnail! That is super helpful!! @Casual aquaticsOh man! I guess it didn’t upload. I apologize! I added it again. I did clean it well before putting it in. All of the edges are nice and smooth.. pretty well made actually!
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