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HI? lol definitely HELLO

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hi and hello, im slacker, i got back into the hobby a couple years ago now, i just ended up falling down a YouTube hole that led me to Aquarium Coop's website and YT vids, ive seen like 99% of all the videos on the channel. then i went out and bought a 20 gal. now im up to 4 tanks in my apartment. wife hates it, but it makes me happy and that lets me keep them. lol 2-20gal, 1-10gal, and 1-5 gal. i like the breeding aspect, its fun and educational.  im currently breeding pineapple platys in one 20 gal, cherry shrimp in the 10 gal, and MTS snails in the 5 gal, in my other 20 gal i currently have corydoras paleatus and some 24k gold white clouds. the corydoras have bred on their own, and i do have a couple generations of them in the 20 gal. but most the time they eat the eggs cuz i don't separate or pick the eggs. anyways, thank you for having me here. STAY WET U FISHY FOLKS. 

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