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75 gal fluval 3.0


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So, the wife and I just bought a bigger house, which means I get a bigger living room display tank! (Don't tell her that yet.) I'm upgrading from a 29 to a 75, and have a 24 inch fluval 3.0 on the 29 (a 30 inch tank). That is plenty of light, I actually have it dialed back about 50%. For a 75 gal, would you guys think the 36 inch fluval would enough or just bite the bullet and get a 48 in?

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On 7/24/2021 at 12:07 PM, Mmiller2001 said:

I would get 2x48" if you want to heavily plant the tank.

I usually go with low to medium light plants, but I really like the options in the 3.0. I have Daisy's blue ricefish in my 29, and with adjusting the blue, their colors are absolutely exploding. My plan is to move my neon rainbows from my basement 55 to the new 75 for that reason. (With a cheap beamswork they look awesome, I can't wait to see them under a fluval).

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