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You could also harvest live baby brine shrimp! It’s also widely known as “sea monkeys” and you can feed baby brine shrimp to your betta fish. By the way, what’s your betta’s name? For tankmates you could add aquatic snails to your aquarium. They will eat the algae and sometimes they will also eat leftover fish food or edible debris.

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Because Bettas and Tetras are both tropical fish, feed them tropical fish food. Often these come in flakes, but as mentioned your betta doesn't take to flakes. There are tropical fish pellets however.

You could always try to feed the tetras on one side of the tank, and the betta on the other. Feeding the tetras whatever your feeding the betta. I find that sometimes betta pellets can be too big for small little neon tetras.

When my betta was with neon tetras, heres what I did to get both to eat:

  • In my experiance most bettas won't eat sinking foods. and if all the food is sinking at the same time, it wont be fast enough to eat all of it. So try and get the neon tetras food to sink, you can do this by pushing the food down with your finger. 
  • Then feed your betta floating pellets. My betta seemed to learn that the sinking food was not for him, he would patiently wait for me to drop in his pellets.

Because your betta doesn't like flakes, have you tried feeding your tetras flakes and your betta pellets? Eventually I found that the betta will soon relize the flakes are food, and you can feed the flakes to both fish.

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Sorry to hear about your betta.

I’d recommend getting a snail, like a nerite snail or a few ramshorn snails. They’ll be safe from your guppies as long as the guppies are getting enough of their own food.

Ramshorn snails will breed in your tank, so you’ll have to remove some every once in a while. The guppies may nip at their feelers, but the snails do just fine without feelers (their eyes are below their feelers on their head, unlike land snails).

Nerite snails won’t breed, but they do lay little white eggs (that don’t hatch) and some people don’t like the look of them.

Guppies are easier to entertain than bettas. I don’t think they’re as smart. 😅 So mixing up the food you give them, adding a new plant every once in a while, and even just wiggling your fingers at the tank are great ways to keep them entertained.

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I only have guppies. No plants or any decorations. My dad says I can only get one. ANNOYING. My light are one for 12 hours per day. I have no way of finding out what kind of lights I have. Oh, and I cannot clean the tank or rearrange the gravel to make it pretty. My dad IS SO ANNOYING. I'm 14!

Whoops. Repeated part of my previous message.

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Oof. I’m sorry you can’t clean it.

I think it will help if you reduce the time the light is on. Maybe try 8 hours. You can have it on for 3 hours in the morning and 5 hours in the afternoon with a “nap” in between so you get to enjoy the tank with the lights on.

Are you allowed to do water changes? Changing the water more often may help too.

Lastly you could try a product like easy carbon or API algae fix. Just be sure to follow the directions.

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