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  1. Should I do anything to the snail? Will it reproduce? How big will it grow?
  2. I just found a snail near the heater! I didn’t buy any plants recently, so it couldn’t have hopped on. What is this? Is it a nerite snail baby??
  3. I have test strips, I do water changes 50% every two weeks, I have 8 plants, I do have a 3 g quarantine tank, I only have bottom feeders and a snail, so the tank IS a little dull as they are always sleeping and lazing around. There is nothing in the middle and top parts of the tank, so if you would look at the tank at a distance, you’d think it would be empty. The pygmy cories do sometimes hang around the sponge filter and ride the current. At least Ping Pong goes to all parts of the tank.
  4. Won’t another betta or guppy be over-stocking the tank considering I already have two Kuhli loaches, 5 Pygmy cories, and one snail?
  5. The Pygmy cories are obsessed with the sponge filter, all 5 of the cories are swimming up and down to the current of the bubbles. They apparently are very scared of me, whenever I get near the tank, they get super scared and hide behind the filter. It wasn’t like this when Aurora was there…? The two Kuhli loaches are doing fine, I think they got a little TOO plump. 😃 Ping pong is still eating the algae, but he/she doesn’t eat hair algae, is that normal? How do I get rid of it?
  6. I realized I haven’t updated on my snail for quite a while now, so here’s Ping Pong.
  7. I would also like to add a “read” button to see if someone read it and who
  8. I didn’t really rescape the whole tank but I bought some driftwood and some Italian Valls. Below ⬇️ is one of my Pygmy corydoras chilling on the mossball and a photo of the whole tank. Apparently the first photo is upside down.
  9. Which one would be better for my plants? The easy green fert or the root tabs? My crypt is melting so I need to bring it back to life. Thanks! I would also want to know if they are available right now.
  10. I deep-cleaned my tank, pulling out all the plants and scrubbing out the hair algae, siphoned, and rescaped the whole tank. As you can see, the Pygmy cories are chilling in the left side of the tank.
  11. I thought it would be nice to share all my fishkeeping journey, like @James Blackdid. I don't remember all the exact dates, I would just be estimating. September 29, 2015 It was my ninth birthday. At the time, I wasn't sure what to get, so my dad and I went into random stores near our neighborhood. We went into a pet store, and the first thing that caught my eye was a betta fish. There were around a dozen or two of bettas and I wanted this cyan-white betta fish. We got a 3 gallon tank, a canister filter, some sand, and two silicone plants and that betta. I named her Oceania, because she looked like the Hawaiian seas. At the time I wasn't that sure if it was a male or female, but as I look back, I remember its very short fins, so probably a female, but it might be a male plakat. December 2015 Oceania warmed up to me, and I started teaching her to follow my finger on the glass. I fed her and looked after her, when I started noticing white dots. January 2015 It was ich, but I didn't know that. I told my dad and he said that she was fine, maybe growing new colors. I wasn't so sure about THAT though. Oceania's activity decreased, she stopped following my finger. It was NOT her usual personality. I started researching about those unusual dots, and found out it was ich, a fish disease. My dad replied that she was JUST a fish, and we could always get a new one. One week later, she got so weak, Oceania refused to eat, and she rarely moved to a different spot. The next day, I found her dead, with a white film over her body. I was so shocked. March 26, 2021 I decided to get back to keeping fish, and made an account in this forum. I got Aurora from Aquarium Co-op and bought all of my present-day supplies. Aurora warmed up, and I taught him to feed on my finger. It was similar to the old days. April 10, 2021 I got 3 pygmy corydoras. May 10, 2021 I got 2 more pygmy corydoras and a nerite snail. Aurora showed his real personality, and I did more research than when I was nine, and I have all the correct supplies, so I expected Aurora to live longer. July 31, 2021 Aurora died from dropsy, and I was very shocked, as I did everything that was supposed to happen. Present day I have two of my kuhli loaches now, and 5 pygmy corydoras. Since they are bottom dwellers, at first glance, the tank seems very empty, without Aurora's small, grumpy face.
  12. Do I need to watch out for anything special about the two kuhli loaches?
  13. I heard that they hide a lot, but they appear to be VERY active! Both of the loaches are sticking their faces to the substrate getting lots of food!
  14. I bought two kuhli loaches from Aquarium Co-op today and I have a few questions. How do you tell their gender? How long do they live? Are they prone to any diseases? I heard that they hide a lot, will I not see them often? Thanks!
  15. Will the Cory cats breed if I have 7? What do I need to do in order to make them spawn?
  16. I have decided to do a corydora species only tank, would 2 or 3 be fine?
  17. There is a huge heat wave in Washington right now, and the tank is 87 degrees, should I put in ice cubes? What should I do?? We do not have an air conditioner, we only have two small fans. If anyone would please reply ASAP, then I would greatly appreciate your help! 😃
  18. Wow. It was very interesting to see how you progressed from a 0.5 gallon to a 40! I think you've certainly tried and failed, and tried again, and succeeded!
  19. What about the feeding problem that was consisting with Aurora? Will any of the fish listed above steal the catfish food?
  20. Is there any option to get other types of fish? I had a problem with Aurora where he always stole the catfish food.
  21. Thanks @CorydorasEthan. There's no borneo sucker loaches near me, so are reticulated hillstream loaches OK for the tank? Or would getting 3 or 4 more pygmy corydoras be better?
  22. How do I make my pygmy cories breed in the 5 gallon tank I have?
  23. Are hillstream loaches good for the tank? I don’t think co-op sells Borneo sucker loaches.
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