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Rubberlip Pleco Question

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Is it typical for Rubberlip Plecos to be extremely shy? So much so that you literally never see them? Is there a way I can get him to be more outgoing? I know they are typically fine on their own but does he need a buddy? 

I have one Rubberlip Pleco that’s a couple years old that I never see. I genuinely think I’ve seen him only a handful of him times. I check at night while the lights are off also and never see him. He doesn’t really clean the algae or diatoms around the tank either. Just hangs out in his cave. I’ve forced him out occasionally to check on him and he looks good so I’m not sure if I literally just consistently miss him or he really never leaves! 

Specs: 77 degrees, Silvertip Tetras & Salt & Pepper Corycats, 8.2PH, 0 Ammonia, 0 Nitrite, 5.0 PPM Nitrate 

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I personally think All fish need a buddy even though this ain’t really the case in most cases however most pleco‘s can be territorial if there’s not enough space so I would ask what size tank I would also ask what tank mates you have in there with them because depending on these factors could be causing him to hide or want to secure his territory I know my bristle nose which is not a rubber lip but  they hang out together I do have some that would rather be left alone my vampire pleco I hardly ever see him and even when I like catch him he’ll dart from me I only see my clown pleco 1-3 times a month and my rhino royal and commons can’t take there lips off the glass unless it’s on a piece of wood or cucumber! Lol so I’d suggest trying to feed such that way they have to come out to the food hope this helps a little 🤷‍♂️

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Thanks for the feedback!

I have the rubberlip pleco, silver tip tetras and salt and pepper corycats in a 40 breeder. 

Is there another algea eater that you’d suggest? I don’t want to rehome the pleco necessarily but want something to help with algae.. I’ve been trying to avoid getting any snails but maybe a snail would be my best bet. 

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