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Electric Blue Acaras & Bristlenose Plecos — 55 gal. Growout

Fish Folk

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Just did a water change and dumped in a bunch of BBS. This tank was African Cichlids until recently. Now it’s housing 250+ EBAs and 50+ BNPs.

Measured parameters for BAP submission yesterday. Nitrates were unbelievably high. I’m changing water more frequently now. What’s everyone’s go-to plants for fastest nitrate uptake? I’ve got Pothos growing out of the HOBs and Java fern + Java moss growing in the tank. Are stem plants better / faster in your experience? 

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In my tanks, elodea and frogbit gobbled nitrates up like there was no tomorrow. Especially elodea. It grew incredibly fast and in couple of days its new growth would turn white/transparent because of nitrogen deficiency. 

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