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LFS visit: Parrots Of The World!


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I'm up on Long Island visiting my brother, and of course whenever you travel somewhere, you have to go to a LFS!

This place was SOOO impressive. Their main focus is parrots, and those were also impressive, but their fish section could have easily been a successful store all on its own.


Some of their selection:


Alligator Gar:


Giant discus!! It's hard to tell from the picture but it was probably 7 inches.




A very friendly oscar who liked to show off:


Croaking gouramis in here!


Cool fish I'd never seen before:


Friendly feather fin!! A mini Pooka!


Died blood parrots with an even smaller Pooka:


Highfin loach!


And one of the staff was wearing a Murphy hat! So of course we had to take a selfie. Thanks for humoring me, Lee! And thanks for all your help selecting plants!


You should all be amazed that I didn't get any fish. But I did get lots of plants!

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It’s meeee! (I believe there’s only been one other “me” sighting on this forum. Special day!)

Aaaaand I’m happy to report that I went back after an hour or so and got fish. 😆 I couldn’t resist getting something! But not a feather fin. The last yo-yo loach, who tried to escape Lee by shoving himself inside a log, and three more cardinal tetras to add to the School of Dr. Neidecker. My mom (Dr. Neidecker) even bought them for me!

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On 6/22/2021 at 9:42 AM, H.K.Luterman said:

I love how you called the Featherfins "Pookas." 😄

Someone asked for a fish ID on a Synodontis eupterus recently on the Forum and I started typing out "It is a Pooka" before catching myself. 🙂

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On 6/22/2021 at 9:44 AM, Daniel said:

Someone asked for a fish ID on a Synodontis eupterus recently on the Forum and I started typing out "It is a Pooka" before catching myself. 🙂

I have almost done that too 🤣 even outside of the forum

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And of course I have to share pictures of my haul. 😁


The tetras look great:


And the little loach is so cute! He’s already coming up to investigate a wiggling finger! So friendly!!


It seemed all the fish there were really unusually friendly. I think a lot of people come through to visit them. 😊

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