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DIY aquarium stands


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On 6/14/2021 at 12:39 AM, Rita said:

Can I see some DIY aquarium stands? I’m not very crafty so the easier the better! 😉 


The simplest idea I've seen was posted by @Griznatch in the "What did you get done today?" thread here . . .


I like the way that the cinder blocks can be moved around, made to fit into any space, and all you need is just to get some basic lumber.

Now, for a more robust DIY wood build, here's a look at one we've made for our fish room . . .


And here's a few shots of the "build" . . .

(Tipped Upside Down)


(Spray Painting outside)


It houses a 40 gal breeder on top, and two 20 gal longs below. Kind of awkward balancing act, but it's been going awhile.

Now, here's another DIY build for a 55 gal. This is a cabinet set up, with shelving room . . . the we used for a little pleco grow out tank.




 And here are a few smaller DIY stand projects . . .

Here was our first one -- for a 10 gal. aquarium. The paint has worn off the top. We have since given this away.


This one was for a 20 gal high, and a 10 gal. tall. I prefer "overkill" with supports . . . so 4x4 legs, with string plywood tops is my mainstay . . .


Now, here's one that I made with 2x4 legs. It holds a 20 gal long on top, and two 10 gal. tanks below. I still hate how this one wobbles. Like the photo above, the bottom tank is nearly _on the floor_ -- which is just the worst. I've learned since to _always_ raise a bottom tank up by at least 8-12 inches to allow for draining / siphoning / maintenance, etc . . .


And here's one built for the 20 gal. on top, with an after-though 10 gal. added below.



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20201228_150853.jpg.be7d79c1f37caa644518ac28890070d7.jpgThis is the 40 gallon breeder stand my girlfriend and I built. Super strong and was pretty cheap. Reused leftover lumber from past projects. I would trust this stand over any you would buy from a store. 


We added the middle shelf for extra storage. The original plan did not include the middle shelf. 20201213_184004.jpg.293ba5c104e368a665872b7eb88387b0.jpg20201206_183213.jpg.6f3aae78001ed0eff2ae3bd482aaa4c7.jpg20201206_183219.jpg.1d520bb4ead9cb5bb8adee83bd039667.jpg

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 I've built a few ten gallon stands besides the cinder block method. I used 2x4s for the legs. Like most people, I feel overkill on sturdiness makes me feel better than taking a chance. It's basic frame at top, legs screwed inside the frame  bottom shelf  to the desired height. I use 1x4s for everything but the legs, trim and the top. I got lazy and used the Lowes pine shelving for the top and bottom . I just rip and cut it to the size I need. It stains nice and is supported by 2x4 braces underneath. I follow it up with lacquer to seal everything. My first one I just used a medium stain and no lacquer.. no stain protection, lesson learned...


The little arm sticking out on the right side was an afterthought when I realized the door hand on the closet to the left was precariously close to the tank when opened. I'll see if I can find any build pictures. I've made 4 or 5 of these type stands and tables, so I quit photo-journaling them after about the second one. The plans now consist of the length, width, and depth.Then how high I want the bottom shelf to be. This all resides on a 2x2 inch sticky note somewhere in my shop... Lumber costs have become so prohibitive lately I probably won't make any more unless it gets more affordable..

There's some pretty good, detailed easy to make build plans available for free on the web. I'm pretty sure there more than a few people here that some good, simple, step by step builds.


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I went ahead and built one for my 40 breeder, and don't think I'd do it again. Since I typically only get to work for an hour or two in the evenings, this thing took way too long AND I made some dopey mistakes I've still yet to fix (I brainfarted the width of the opening and had to trim my doors. Need to finish the cut edge and paint, but I'm lazy.) I'll almost certainly be buying my next stand, I can't imagine I saved any money over the cost of a pre-built unit. The cost for lumber is outrageous.

Mine is essentially the one I've seen called "The King of DIY's". Structurally, it's 2x4s, skinned with 1/4" MDF and topped with 3/4" plywood.




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On 6/15/2021 at 2:39 PM, Nordlys Fish Room said:

Stand for a recent 75 gallon based on Joey’s videos. After the first CAD drawing it’s pretty easy to shrink/stretch the dimensions to whatever sized tank is next. 

I like my stands a hair taller so I can more comfortably watch the fish while standing. 



thats pretty much how i framed up the stand for my 55, plus i added uprights front and back where your cross boards are on the top and bottom. im confident i could set a 3/4 ton 4x4 truck on it and it wouldnt creak.

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