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Tips for rinsing gravel and sand?

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Hi all. I need to rinse some gravel I bought from the home improvement store and was wondering if anyone had any clever tips or tricks. I am planning to open a hole in the top and bottom of the bag, then running the water through.

I also have some aquaeium sand that I'd like to rinse, but it's not in the bag anymore (failed attempt at a setup- I want to make sure there is nothing in the sand like aquarium salt or meds. Long story, but I don't want them in there.) Seems like the only way to do it is get a bucket and fill 'er up, stir up the sand, then let it settle and tip the bucket to drain most of the water. I plan to repeat about 3 times.

Any clever tips or tricks people have for rinsing substrate? Thanks!

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For sand I would get a 5 gallon bucket and use a garden hose to rinse the sand, put the bucket on a slight angle so the water drains out one side, you can stir it up and put the hose at the bottom and let in run for about 15 minutes and just stir ever so often, once the water is running clear your good to go.

I would def not wash sand in a sink, you will spill some even if your being careful and you don't want that in your drain. 

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I just rinsed some sand a couple days ago using a 5 gallon bucket and filled it about a 3rd full each round then stuck a hose through to the bottom. That stirs it all the way through then I also used my hand to bring up more particles that I then just spilt over the edge of the bucket. I was good after 3-4 rinses like that then I'd just repeat until I had enough clean sand.

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