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  1. I'm looking for some gravel/smaller stones that look like mountain or seiryu stone (really just darker gray). Any leads? All I have found so far has too much browns and tans.
  2. I just rinsed some sand a couple days ago using a 5 gallon bucket and filled it about a 3rd full each round then stuck a hose through to the bottom. That stirs it all the way through then I also used my hand to bring up more particles that I then just spilt over the edge of the bucket. I was good after 3-4 rinses like that then I'd just repeat until I had enough clean sand.
  3. Just looked it up on the lowes website. Holy cow that's a deal. $54 for 44lbs of stone!
  4. Maybe you could cool the room with a swamp cooler to lower the ambient temperature. If you make it big enough you should be able to make it last a weekend.
  5. Once or twice a day. Usually 4 or 5 pellets to share between the bichir, pleco, and sometimes the yoyo loaches want some too.
  6. He's a few years old at this point. Probably at least 6 inches long. I think it's this new brand of pellets I've been feeding. They all seem to love this specific pellet and don't want any of the others to get any so they shove each other around over one piece other pieces sit untouched.
  7. First post! Should I be concerned with a little rough-housing between a Bristlenose and a Senegal Bichir during feeding? There haven't been any injuries but they do push each other around trying to go after the same piece of food. Is that something I need to address or is it normal in fish that size?
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