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What are your experiences with keeping a bristlenose pleco in a tank with Amazon swords? I heard that they will rasp at the leaves, but I also heard that if fed enough plant material (veggies, Repashy) the damage is minimal. I'm ok with some nibbling, but I'd like to know if my swords are in danger of being destroyed. I feed Soylent Green, but I'm happy to switch to other foods. I can also just keep my bristlenose in a sword-free tank, but I originally got it to go in the 75 that I just recently moved my giant sword to.

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In my 120 i have numerous large swords (different varieties) and i've not noticed the pleco damaging any of them. I think i have a total of 6 swords in the tank but the 3 large ones (leaves over 18 inches) are melon, regular and ruffle - i also have smaller melon and flame swords - anyway i think it is fine. In my 29 i have a small regular sword and the 3 bn in that tank leave it alone (i say regular because I can't recall the name off the top of my head but it has the plain soft green leaves where as the ruffle is quite hard and rigid). 


I suppose if the pleco is starving it might eat anything including your hand.

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