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New Gaia Journal (Updated 4/20)


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Updated as a journal by suggestion, thank you all for your kindness and support 😜

Update April 20th

I literally butchered the moss and plants this time... 😅 This is my sad attempt of trimming the tank down...



Before Trimming


After Trimming



Older Post



FB_IMG_1618419856903.jpg.869b0de649f23c96a2f0088aa75167ea.jpgMarch Everything blew up...

FB_IMG_1618419871266.jpg.cd22297178cd49b19548f8f44dbeed83.jpgTrimmed at the end of March


IMG_20210414_110504856.jpg.e7ad399ff000bf81116384c7dfed880d.jpgEarly April.



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30 minutes ago, Isaac M said:

@O13SC3N3 Wow! Spectacular aquarium! What size is the aquarium? What kind of soil is that on the right side? I love the look of the wood arch with moss. 

Just ecocomplete, the monte carlo doesn't seem to fancy it much but it is spreading.

Its a 75 Gallon

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