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Found 5 results

  1. Hello everyone so I have multiple tank setups in one of my tanks which is a 29 gallon that is stocked up with a bunch of Amazon swords Java ferns and dwarf hair grass. The fish in the tank I have one firemouth cichlid, two blood parrots, one electric blue jack Dempsey and a albino Pleco. I arrived home today after work and I do my normal routine of checking every tank and I noticed my EBJD was not in his usual place and he was on the bottom of the substrate on the other side of the tank basiablly laying down on the substrate and he was rolling on the floor of the tank like if he was doing a death roll that gators do I don’t know if the fire mouth was being aggressive towards him because he is the biggest fish in here but he is still alive and breathing hard I am just wondering what I should do with dosing him with Melafix or Fin and Body Cure by API. Please if anyone can help me and the little guy will greatly appreciate it please and thank you! 🙏🏽
  2. Sorry if this isn’t the right section. Right now I’m kind of freaking out. I couldn’t find one of my ottos this morning after a late night water change, but didn’t have much time to look because I had to go to work. I figured that he might just be hiding, but the behavior still seemed off since I usually see the three of them hanging out together. Cue me coming home eight hours later, and I still can’t find the wayward Otto. Starting to freak out and feeling like a bad fish mom, which was only intensified by the worry I had all day. I looked all over the place (floor,tank, water change bucket) and couldn’t find him. Eventually I looked around the side of the tank and saw him wedged against a rock and the glass with my phone light, which is someplace I had already looked a ton but he blended in. He couldn’t move at all, completely wedged in. I have a feeling he did this during my water change yesterday since it was later than usual and I had to turn the light back on and everyone in the tank had a minor freak out. I loosened the rock and he wiggled out and attached to the glass at the front of the tank. It looks like his tail fin got torn up, along with his belly since it was against the rock. Really hoping he can recover and there isn’t any organ damage. What are other’s opinions on how he looks? Link goes to video. He’s currently breathing pretty heavily. link: https://imgur.com/gallery/v3mcTLH
  3. Hi, I just noticed that the area below my betta's gills seems to be either pushed back, or damaged, it's enough that you can see the tissue that's normally covered up by the gills. (please excuse the cloudy water, I just added some crushed coral about 5 minutes ago.) I've noticed him flashing for a bit, and hard Cory say in a livestream somewhere that low pH could cause issues with irritating the skin and gills. I ordered some crushed coral and added it to help raise the pH to get him to stop flashing. He is still eating, but with a bit of difficulty, it almost looks like he wants to eat, has trouble chewing it. Mostly he's resting in the plants. My parameters are: NH3 & NH4: 0 ppm Nitrite: 0 ppm Nitrate: 0 ppm (The tank has been cycled for about a month or two, with plants taking a lot of nitrogen from what i can tell.) GH: 75 ppm KH: 40 ppm pH: 6.4 Temperature: 79ºF Source of Results: Tetra Easy Strips Ammonia, Tetra Easy Strips Six in One, and Marina Thermometer Could this be from misjudging when he was flashing and accidentally hitting this area? His tankmates are several red cherry shrimp, a few bladder snails and their eggs, and various worms, small inverts, etc in a planted 5.5 gallon. (To clarify on the picture, he does not have fin rot, his tail was pointed towards the camera making his tail look a bit shorter) Also if someone happens to know will this be permanent? Anything helps, thanks! UPDATE 2:03PM UTC: Last night he jumped out of the tank, and was out for probably a minute at most. He doesn't seem to have any injuries. He's still resting in the plants and still eating with difficulty. Right now I'm feeding freeze dried spirulina brineshrimp to try to give him good food.
  4. I was looking at my betta today and noticed his scales looking strange.
  5. Hello, I have a rainbow guppy that i've had for a long time, today i noticed that he was very bloated and his tail had took a lot of damage. I don't know when or how this happened, i watch this tank a lot, it had to have happened last night or something. He's in the tank with two other guppys and one platy. They're all very friendly and have been together for many months so i doubt he was attacked, but idk how else this tail damage could have happened. For the record, i don't know if it's a he or a she, my first guess was that it was pregnant but i doubt it as i've had them for months and there has been no breeding before. About a week ago i introduced new plants, shrimp, and a pleco. I don't have any way to quarantine them so i was wondering if they brought in some disease and what i can do about this. All the other fish seem very healthy. I did used to have another platy that we had for a very long time but he died several weeks ago. But he was getting old and was just a petsmart fish. The tank is cycled and all the paramaters are steady. i keep them at about 76 degrees. Sorry if some of the pictures are flipped, they didn't transfer to my computer very well.
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