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  1. Hi I currently have soft water in my local tap (less then 7ph), and I currently use seachem equilibrium. I also put crushed coral in my filter and left a bag in the tank. Is there any other cost effective ways to raise ph and harden the water? I was searching around and came up with dry fertizilers? I have mostly planted tanks anyways may lean into it but just curious what others are using? thanks
  2. Updated with a new layout and more plants and of course new fish. 1 tank turn to 7 tank... bad habit
  3. Got a trio of full gold guppies, luckily the female dropped before the male jumped out of the tank 😓.
  4. Philippines Blue hopefully a pair from this group of 6.
  5. Ok I will do that, so 2 2x4 in the middle, I was kinda worry about it sagging as well. Thanks everyone
  6. just realize it won't fit 3 10s 🤣😅, what solution can I do to add 2 inches depth?
  7. Hi I just build this dado cut rack, its 36x18. The top will have a 36x18 tank and the bottom will have 3 10 gallon. My question is do I need to have a center leg? or will it be sufficient? Thanks
  8. Had a relative coming to visit us from Seattle, manage to get a small order in. Ordering was super easy and 1 day delivery ( in seattle), just took a while to get it to vancouver 😆. The apisto haven't explore the cave.
  9. I haven't added any new fish and these were originally bred by myself, would they still be able to get parasite ? and only towards the rams and not the other fish?
  10. the tempature maintaining at 81, I also add seachem safe and seachem equilibrium.
  11. ph 6.4-6.8 ammonia 0 nitrite 0 nitrate maybe 5-10 water change 4 days ago photo of male and the worm like shape doesn't seem to move. I guess more like squiggly line.
  12. Hi Hoping to get a solution to this, a couple of these german blue ram originally bred in my tank have developed these worm like shape on the eyeballs. They also don't have much colors to them compare to the male/female pair. The original pair didn't seem to develop any symptoms and the rest of the community tank have no symptoms of this as well. Only the 6 surviving tank bred ram has these 3 of which past away.
  13. no dollar gallon sale in Canada, needed a hospital tank (excuse for another tank) 😁.
  14. upgraded the lights, hard to find 72inch light so decided to get hang on ones. Decided on getting Will's light, should have gotten the longer one. before after (30% power) (80%) Old light + 30%
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