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  1. I am a long time Aquarium Coop customer and I have always been so impressed by their level of customer service and speed but today they managed to absolutely blow me away! I placed an online order to be shipped to Texas at 5:19pm today. I received an email at 5:40pm that is has already shipped. Holy moly guys! I am so impressed.
  2. I have julii, sterbai, Pygmy, emerald greens, peppered and am waiting for my new gold lasers to ship next week! LOVE corys. Here is a pic of the lasers that are coming. I am beyond excited to finally get some.
  3. Ok....this one wins for me so far! Lol!
  4. Thank Cory! Right now only two sides of their tank are exposed. They are in my spare bathroom on a ledge in our tub area that covers the back and one side of the tank already. I will pull a curtain around the tub to hopefully give them some more shelter. And stop water changes as well. What are your thoughts on trying to feed them? Today is day 5 without eating. I have tried pellets and flakes with no success. I do have frozen blood worms, frozen Daphnia, and frozen brine shrimp available.
  5. Bad fishies! Don't they know you are just trying to give them new friends?! lol.
  6. This isn't really a disease question, but it seemed to fit best in this topic. I have a pair of Pearl Gouramis in a 10 gallon quarantine. They have been in there for 5 days. When I picked them up from the LFS, their tank had just had a nearly 100% water change where only enough water was left for them to be on their side slightly covered in water. I know this fish store well and their stock is usually very good so I did not think too much of it. When I got them home (about a 30 minute drive) I did a drip acclimation for 20 mins before adding them to the tank. The tank was fully cycled. The fish were EXTREMELY stressed once they were added to my tank. The female was bashing herself into the glass and the male was swimming extremely frantic. I checked my parameters and everything was as expected, so I decided they were just very stressed from so much so fast so I turned off their light and made sure to leave them alone. I then left town for 3 days and my husband stayed home and cared for all of the tanks. He did not try to feed them while I was gone because they were still very stressed out and he was afraid to get too close to the tank. When I got home yesterday, the male had lost almost all his color and the females color was decent. I double checked their water and the nitrates were around 40, so I did a 40% water change. When I checked the parameters this morning, the nitrates were still a little higher than I would have liked, so I did another 40% water change and attempted to feed them. They will not eat though. The male is still very very pale and starts swimming frantically and the female still tries to bash herself into the glass. They act utterly terrified if we get anywhere near the tank at all. After 5 days in the tank, this seems like way more than stress from the move and a large water change. Has anyone ever had an issue with new fish being this scared for this long? I'm worried they are going to stress themselves to death. Parameters from this morning are all listed below. I have dosed Prime after every water change. Running a small HOB and an extra air stone. Tank has fake plants and real plants for hiding. No substrate. Ammonia - 0 Nitrite - 0 Nitrate - 20-40 PH - 8.2 (standard for all of my tanks including a tank with another Pearl Gourami who is normal) KH - 12 GH - 6 Temp - 78
  7. Thanks to my guy, Jack, I got to do a rescape of my 75 gallon after work tonight. Apparently he didn’t like where I put my sword plant and dug it up for me. It hasn’t even been planted a week. 😑 Here is the guilty party and the redesign. Hopefully the new layout and pre-dug valley I left for him will settle him down. What have your fish kids done to get in trouble? Double points for pics!
  8. @genuine_red Thank you! I love that about them too. They are so fun to watch. She is going to get a mate in a few weeks. So hopefully they will be pretty active together.
  9. Tried to get a pic of my plant the other day. Mr. Stripey wanted some attention.
  10. Hello everyone! I am Jen. I have 3 tanks right now. 10 gallon planted with a mustard betta named Thanos. 40 gallon tall with silvertip tetras and corys. More fish to come, but not 100% on what they will he yet. 75 gallon planted with angels, corys, a pearl gourami, and an electric blue Jack Dempsey. All my tanks have snails: Nerites, mystery, ramshorn, and Japanese trapdoor. I used to be in the chat group. If you were there, you would have known me as Jenalee23. Really excited this is here! Sorry for the oddly rotated pics. Where is Uplifting Joe when you need him?! Lol.
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