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  1. Lol. That’s exactly what I’ve been saying. Of course it hasn’t worked since last summer tho
  2. The AC in my van doesn’t work but I’m like if I start buying plants now for a tank I’m gonna set up next year I’ll save money.
  3. I’ll do all the work from frame to cabinetry to tile myself. The 2000 is for the tank and plants. But I’ve got a year to acquire stuff so the 2000 will be mostly plants and fish
  4. Bourbon moth on YouTube has great videos on building cabinets and shaker doors
  5. Years ago I built custom stand for a pet store. I’d build stands deep enough for a 75 which would also hold a 55. Stand for the 150 also held the 180. You just have to make it a few inches deeper than the bigger tank but the height and width are the same
  6. It’s basically 4 sheets of popular plywood 3 1x5 poplar and about 8 2x4’s. It’s a 115 gallon tank
  7. I sold this stand for 600 it was relatively simple construction
  8. Agreed. But the tank I’m looking st is 1100 bucks. I couldn’t build it for less. I’ve got at least a year to acquire all the “stuff” needed for this project so I’m thinking I’ll just sneak stuff into the basement little by little
  9. I’m a finish carpenter by trade. I’ll be building the wall of cabinetry that the tank will be in as well as the vanity i. Cost would be astronomical if I had to pay for this
  10. That’s a great idea. It will actually have a 4’ foundation full of stones under it so the pan could just direct the water to there
  11. My son (26) is always trying to talk me into building a tank. My wife is not a fish person (yet) so if this thing springs a leak in her dream bathroom my clothes will be on the lawn before I get home but now I’m gonna revisit the idea.
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