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Found 3 results

  1. I was posting in a thread, Costs started by @Jeff king (interesting read check it out) and it got me thinking about one I started, need help cutting cost of fish room; and a lot of discussion was to make money selling fish/ plants and invertebrates which is a good idea and there is much more great advice in there. But I feel as tho I would have to learn a lot of skill sets I don’t have. And really don’t have time to perfect in order to be profitable. So what occurred to me was why not build stands and aquarium related cabinetry. I have 30 years experience as a cabinet maker and finish carpenter. Almost a full shop capable of handling these types of builds in my garage, then I also have access to a full blown cabinet joinery shop when needed for bigger projects or a high volume order. I’ve only used some DIY 2x4 racks and janky stands that come with aquariums at big box stores. I can’t recall even seeing a custom built stand except at hospitals and doctor offices, so no idea what’s inside. what are some cool features or designs you have seen. Pics would help a lot. Fairly confident I’d be going after higher end tanks maybe 125G and up. Not necessarily but profit margins would be better and people who buy the larger sizes would have the $ to spend on a custom made stand. I’ve come up with a design I’m gonna try for my 125G. hope this is legible to everyone, it’s how I start out when building custom cabinets. also maybe a nitchy market, easy to build shelves, utility cabinets, or stuff like this i made this out of some leftover white oak in about 15 minutes.
  2. Hi everyone I just setup a 29g a few weeks ago. I’ve been doing a dark start so it just has aqua soil about 40lbs of dragon stone in it full of water and is fully cycled now. I just got my co2 system and I was planning to get plants in the next couple weeks. This morning I noticed the piece of furniture aka “stand” I’m using is starting to separate on the left top side. I drained out most of the water to take some weight off of it until I can figure out a way to beef it up. If anyone was any tips I will post a couple pictures of what is happening and where. I thought about putting some screws in through the side to pull it back together but I don’t know if it will split and make it solid enough for the roughly 400lbs sitting on top of it! Any help is appreciated I just need tips on the best easiest way to go about this!
  3. First time post, but a long time fan and new customer. What do you think, are particle board aquarium stands safe for heavy 55gal tanks? I bought one from a local chain store for the looks/design, but I’m not sure it’ll hold sturdy over time. I don’t think I can 100% guarantee water won’t spill a bit during regular water changes. Plus, when cleaning, sometimes the aquarium will move a slight bit, which over time concerns me with the hardware they’ve included to affix the particle boards together. I was going to replace a simple, custom, steel welded stand I’ve used for 12+ years for this particle board one because someone thought the chain store one looks better. It does, but is this a terrible idea? Any help, advice, terrible stories, or support is much appreciated. Thanks!
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