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  1. I don't have experience with keeping the loaches but I have kept swordtails mollies and platies and guppy all together as long as there's enough hiding spots and visual breaks especially if you want them to breed as long as they have enough room to run away hide and enough fish to divert aggression
  2. i realized I've been on the forum for a while and haven't introduced myself I live in Iowa and from the Ames area I've been trying to start a fish room currently have quite a few tanks been in setting up the room first with construction I'm currently only have 120 gallon up and helping my friend with his 250 and another friend with their collection smaller tanks
  3. And if anybody has any advice on breeding bumblebee Oscars or Oscars I will gladly take it I'm not sure how differently they breed so any information is helpful setting up a fish room and plan on breeding the bumblebees since I had to get them shipped in and they're a smaller species of Oscar that's not really in the area
  4. Sumps are like some canister filters but usually just a pump to plug in pretty easy to set up
  5. Depends on the type for canister filters some are really easy to set up some you have to manually Prime which is a workout
  6. I have one Oscar (Astronotus ocellatus) and 5 bumblebee oscars / fat Oscars (Astronotus crassipinnis) some clown loaches that are young and will be going to bigger tank later some feather finned squeakers (Synodontis eupterus) a red finned shark some Chinese algae eaters a young green Phantom pleco and a few yoyo loaches I'm looking for a detherfish to help the bumblebee Oscars it's 120 long
  7. Makes it a lot easier to talk to them when you actually interact with them taught my oscar to of eat out of my hand I talk to him more now that I've done that
  8. I always talk to my fish at least once a day especially when I'm feeding them and when they're acting like they want to be fed and I just fed them that's Oscars for you
  9. The zig zag eel probably will fit in smaller tank they do have spines which are poisonous so as long as nothing is messing with them he should be able to put some stuff in with them they are sociable we feed our tire track blood worms because they tend to have small mouths we keep ours in with an Arowana a few tinfoil barbs a couple of plecostomus 2 rope fish and two of the smaller breeds of shovelnose cats and the tire track is fine as long as you have hiding spots they like to go underneath and digging
  10. They are also Escape artists so I recommended a lid
  11. From what I know fire eels get fairly large when they're young I believe a 55 would be fine if they're by themselves but they get a lot larger than tiger tracks
  12. thank you for your suggestions I will update when I scape it and add fish
  13. 48" by 18" by 24" or 4' by 1.5' by 2' standard 90 gallon haven't scaped it yet
  14. I have a 90 gallon tank with crushed Coral sand and I was thinking of starting shell dwellers I know of Multis is there any other species that people recommend plan on breeding them I'm giving extra to my local fish store and maybe a tank mate or two to go with
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