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Found 7 results

  1. Hai! Marcy from Iowa here. I kept fish AGES ago. I had fancy gold fish in a 60 gallon aquarium. Then I kept koi and goldfish in a pond. A couple ponds actually. But I haven’t had fish for probably a good 10-12 years. Until now. And WOW! So much more information and help is available! I now have 2 10 gallon tanks (well, one is my daughter’s) for betta and 2 5 gallon tanks. And another 10 and 40 in storage. In one of the 5 gallons I have a couple little moscow blue guppies. It’s more of a holding tank. tanks: fluval spec v marineland 5 gallon portrait 2 top fin LED bubble wall 10 gallon tanks fish: 3 betta 2 Cory 5 oto cat 1 other cat I can’t recall the name neo shrimps (red, yellow, blue, orange, black) mystery snails chinese trap door nerite Snails blue moscow guppies live plants I can’t recall the names of moss balls anubias java fern i also have a family of humans, cats, dogs. hi!
  2. Hi @Cory, hi Nerms! I want to thank you for creating this great community and helping make the hobby better. I was hospitalized last September due to a suicide attempt. When I finally was able to come home, I was sober and emotionally raw and watching coop videos gave me a safe space to retreat to and motivated me to become a better fishkeeper. I built a pond this spring and followed your video to make a bucket filter for it! I know this is sappy or maybe TMI, but I want you to know that your channel is a bright spot for someone who spent a decade in a dark, dark place.
  3. Hello, I been watching the Aquarium Co Op YouTube videos and have wanted to get a tank for a while after years of not keeping fish. This spring I got a 9 gallon tank and now have a betta, a few ottos, and a few pork chop rasboras, and a few snails that were stow aways on my plants. Looking forward to seeing what everyone is doing with their fish and learning form you. This is Archimedes.
  4. Hi I'm just getting back in the hobby after 10 years, back then did not have the help like now so I failed more than not. I just got a 20 gallon tank kit to get restarted but intend to get a 40 gallon breeder next. Cory's videos have been amazing help I think I have watch 30 in the last two weeks. Just cycling my new tank so no fish yet. Hope to be getting more great advice from all of you in the future. thanks
  5. Hello, from Iowa, I have been keeping yo-yo loaches for about a year now along with kulhi loaches, and over the time I have learned alot about yo-yo and kulhi loaches. And wanted to teach people what I have learned, from tank mates to food. #1 If you are getting yo-yo loaches and kulhi loaches keep them in a 40 gallon long or normall, most people say minium of 20 gallons I agree and disagree with that I keeped my loaches in a 20 long for about a year, and noticed they were getting a bit big for the tank so I moved them to a 40 gallon long and all of my loaches and tetras had major growth spurts. So I would recomend a 40 gallon long or normall for loaches. #2 Alot of people say you shouldnt keep your yo-yo loaches with shrimp and snails, but what I have found is that some shrimp and or snails but I have a single bamboo shrimp and my yo-yo loaches have not bothered him at all, for snails though I dont know if the loaches will bother them or not I havnt had any snails yet but I am hopefully gonna buy some snails. I am going to get some hillstream loaches soon what kind you recomend for my tank set up and how many I should get?
  6. i realized I've been on the forum for a while and haven't introduced myself I live in Iowa and from the Ames area I've been trying to start a fish room currently have quite a few tanks been in setting up the room first with construction I'm currently only have 120 gallon up and helping my friend with his 250 and another friend with their collection smaller tanks
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