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Found 10 results

  1. Just thought I would share my 3-month side-by-side update. I'm still learning, but I would say so far it's been mostly a success, and that is largely in part to you guys! ❤️ Thank you for all the help and encouragement back in March when I was setting this up! The Pogostemon Stellatus Octopus is growing like CRAZY! I can't keep up with trimming it! 🤣 But I kinda love it being large and in charge. Also - shout out to the philodendron brasil on the top right of the shelf for being a major over-achiever! My husband built me a canopy that I am going to paint the same green as the stand, but I have just been so busy I haven't painted it yet. Thanks for letting me share!
  2. Hey guys first I apologize for the low quality picture but I could not find a better one right now. I know this is a generic question but what center piece fish could I put in my 120 gallon. Right now it has 20-30 bronze cories that are reproducing, 9 different kinds of rainbows all around 4 inches +, a rhino pleco, and a pearl gurami that is gonna be moved to a 55 soon. I used to have an 16 year old kissing gourami that lived with everything from neon tetras to angelfish but he passed away a few months ago and I was thinking of maybe getting 2-3 more but I've heard that they can get mean. Any other ideas would be appreciated. I have also thought about blue acara but they may eat the cories or even 3-5 angel fish but idk how many I could add and I definitely don't have space if they start breeding and fighting for space.
  3. Starting a new journal spot, since the journey of the DIY tank stand is complete - linking that here just for my own future reference: And NOW, on with the journey of setting up our first planted tank, scaping, adding fish over from the 55 etc etc... Last night we added the substrate (hence the water is a little cloudy), setup the filter and started playing around with wood and rock. Hubby wanted a "rock look" background, and I wanted plain black, but I caved and let him have the rocks. The tank WAS full until we turned on the filter - man that thing sucked out a lot of water. 😂 BIG order of plants (from the co-op of course) comes on Thursday! Though when I put it all in the tank I am sure it will not look big enough! Overall by repurposing an old piece of furniture and scouting out a used tank on fb marketplace, we saved a LOT of money setting this tank up! Still planning to build a matching canopy, and looking forward to my shelf plants growing in and making this my little jungle spot! 🙂
  4. Ultimate goal for 120 gal planted was to eventually achieve water quality for discus w/ temp 82 degrees. Starting tap water very soft. Thought, after watching multiple videos, that i needed to put some crushed coral beneath my gravel as a substrate (1 "). Now 7 weeks after planting my aquascape with 2 large pieces of drift wood, lots of tannis!, lots of plants that are growing well, and good lighting, my ph is 8.2 +, GH & KH 300. Corey says just look at plants and algae (life) and not at numbers. Do i need to start over, remove the crushed coral layer, and put just gravel? Or should i sit tight, feed my plants easy green and just wait? (Ammonia 0.50, nitrites 0, nitrates 0). No live things yet except hitchhicker snails from plants orders). Hate to start over but would really like to try for discus some day. (and time is short as I am 74!). HELP!
  5. Hey! I was recently gifted a 120 gallon tank, 72x24x18. It came with : Powerfly HD 608 Air pump with a sponge filter 2 Aquaclear 110 Filters Bulk Reef Supply reverse osmosis system 100 GPD CO2 Tank And a what I believe is a Beam works Light Can someone give me a bit of guidance on what I have here and what I still need to get in order to do a Freshwater Live Plant Aquarium? What are some stocking options I should be looking at? How many fish could I put in here? If I make this a community tank could I put a dwarf pufferfish in here because it's so long or would it still probably nip at others fins?
  6. i realized I've been on the forum for a while and haven't introduced myself I live in Iowa and from the Ames area I've been trying to start a fish room currently have quite a few tanks been in setting up the room first with construction I'm currently only have 120 gallon up and helping my friend with his 250 and another friend with their collection smaller tanks
  7. Hi I’m Joe, and I’m joining this forum mostly to expand my knowledge on tropical fish and plants (and maybe offer some help to other people but my knowledge isn’t the best yet). I’m 17 and I’ve had fish since I was very little but unfortunately I still don’t know a whole. I think people can relate to the whole child gets fish, doesn’t really know what they’re doing etc etc. So I guess this is where I talk about my tank, I’ve had quite a few in the past, a tiny nano tank, a 46 litre (12 gallons?), then jumped to a 120 gallon, and now I’ve found the middle with a 125 litre (I believe that’s roughly 33/34 gallons) This is also my first attempt at live plants. Currently the tank is home to: red eye tetras x5, blue king tetras x3, a gold opaline gourami, Khuli loaches x3 and a panda garra. I look forward to learning about everyone’s tanks, experiences, fish, plants etc and hopefully learning from you all.
  8. Hello, I am planning to buy a 120 gallon fish tank soon. What size sponge filter should I get for this tank. I saw the ones in the store for 40 gal. +. Will this size work? Thank you
  9. I have a 120 gallon tank (4ft x 2ft x 2ft) with dual overflows. I want to set up a planted tank and I'm looking for ideas. I have two 48" Finnex Stingray 2 lights. I'm not sure if I want to set up a sump (a first for me) or use the canister filters I already have. I need to select substrate, plants, and fish. I'm returning to the hobby after a 10 year break. Before that, I kept fish for 15 years and I'm looking forward to getting a tank started again. What I'd like to do is get a large school of rummynose tetras (with other "supporting cast" fish) and low maintenance plants and maybe a "centerpiece" fish. Possible ideas for other tankmates: kuhli loaches, cory cats, ottos, hillstream loaches, inverts. As far as substrate or plants, I'm suffering from analysis paralysis. I would love to hear ideas/suggestions/warnings for my proposed setup.
  10. Room temp - 78 PH - 7s, Ammonia - 0, Nitrite - 0, Nitrate - 0. tested with API liquid test kit. Planted 120 Gallon tank with trickle filter sump(Bioballs), and poret foam. Tankmates- 4 Bristlenose pleco, ?20 cherry barbs, 8 kuhli loaches, 3 panda gara, 2 bronze corys, and 4 SAEs. I have ottos+cherry shrimp in another tank(40g) on the same sump. Fairly low stocking I think. So far I've had several Cherry barbs, 1 panda gara, and 1 otto die randomly. Some signs of gasping gills and rushing to the surface for air from these specific fish(You can tell they were struggling to do so). I originally thought I had to much flow for the barbs but as I've now lost an otto and a gara I'm more concerned this isn't the issue(The otto tank is much lower flow). I have installed a ball valve and lowered the flow a good amount just in case this contributed. All of these fish were in quarantine for about 2 months before adding them together in the 120 with no deaths. I'm attaching pictures of a dead gara and a live barb that's struggling. All other fish show no signs of illness at the moment. Any ideas on how to proceed would be great, not trying to have the fish slowly die off.
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