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  1. I know what you're talking about @Seized. I was just trying to find this out myself. Did you have any luck? @Cory @Dean’s Fishroom Sinking worm cone feeder with string attached. I love to try to make one of these.
  2. In my personal experience I have kept two hillstreams at 78-82F and only sponge filters with no problems for a year now. I'm unsure what caused the death of yours though. If I was you I would give it another so. Be sure to quarantine them if possible. 🙂
  3. Hello all! I recently added a few extra sponge filters to one of my tanks that has been up and running for over a year now. How long would you guess it would take for the new sponge filters to pick up enough beneficial bacteria to "seed" a new tank? few days? a week?? Longer the better I would guess. What are some of your thoughts or experiences? Thanks so much!
  4. Update: I have lost one of the 13 corys. I have done a full 5 day treatment of maracyn and ich-x with no change in the white fuzz. So I did a water change and now im finishing a round of Furan 2 and Kanaplex with still no change. I have been following the instructions on the packages and today is the last day of the recommended dosing. I will also note that the 2 hillstream loaches, 1 molly, and 1 siamese algae eater are doing well and have no signs of this infection. Should I water change out the meds and see if the infection will work it self out with clean water and good food? One thing I have not tried is salt. I was next going to move the fish out of the planted tank and add salt. Any suggestions please.
  5. Thanks yall! I will have to double check my internet/router.
  6. Did a little research on these. Looks like they wont work with my wifi. They have to have a 2.4ghz wifi to connect them. I have 5ghz 😞 I will keep looking around.
  7. I have thought of that. Don't think it would work for me. I don't think I could get it down to the minute every time. 😞
  8. This has got to be a thing.. A outlet plug that I can hook my filter up to that can be turned off for only a few minutes when I feed and automatically turns it self back on. When I feed my 75g african cichlid tank I like to unplug the filter so it wont suck up any food. Then I plug it back in when 90% of the food has been consumed. The problem is every so often I forget to plug it back in.
  9. @Cory So its been almost a full week since I added one round of maracyn. The white slim/fungus on the corydoras is same. Im happy its not worse! My plan going forward was to do a water change then start the 5 day treatment of maracyn and ich-x. Seem like a good plan? or keep feeding well and give it time? I'm assuming the maracyn will negatively effect my beneficial bacteria? So I will keep a eye on the ammonia and nitrites levels. Of course everyone is welcome to chime in on this. Thank yall so much!
  10. Will do, thank you Cory!
  11. In my experience they can easily flip them selves over when they are done taking a nap. 😄 If they stay in one spot for a few days I will pick them up out of the tank and give them a sniff. Might sound odd but if they died for whatever reason your nose will defiantly let you know.
  12. Im a bit nervous to add salt to the aquarium because of the live plants. If the Maracyn does not help after about 5 days I will remove them to a separate tank and add salt. I will definitely keep you updated!
  13. I hope to get a iphone upgrade soon 🙂
  14. I just took a few more pics. I will try to get a few more. These two pics are the same fish.
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