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  1. No more true words have been spoken. I really appreciate this glimmer of hope
  2. So I live near LA and our water is pretty much liquid rock and has high pH. I’ve been told by my LFS that cichlids and livebearers. I’ve been told any fish from the Amazon (most of the popular fish) would not do well in this water. Has anyone had experience/success breeding fish that don’t prefer these conditions? The only fish I’ve had spawn is bronze cory dora but theyve eaten their eggs.
  3. Thanks for all the replies everyone. I have a better picture of it will help!
  4. Bought this from my LFS but both were the same price so I picked one I like. Is it a Leopard Frog Pleco or a King Tiger pleco?
  5. Posted previously with a more septic question, this omission just more generalized. I’ve seen online that ph ranges of 6.8-8.0 is safe for fish. My tap water is coming about 8.0. I know it depends on the species of fish, but in general is that range fairly accurate? My tank appears to be doing okay but I’m just worried I’m slowly killing my fish without knowing it
  6. Thank you so much! I’m doing water changes. You bring up a really good point about the water originally having CO2 then airated in the tank
  7. I tested the ph of my 40 breeder twice and both results came back as 8.0. I tested my tap water and it came out to 7.4. I am not running any crushed coral, it’s fairly well planted with a bunch of pogostemon stellatus octopus and duckweed (that I can’t get rid of). It’s stocked with 15 blue cochu tetras, 8 cheery barbs, 8 glowlight danios, 2 red lizard tails cats, 1 honey gourami, 1 peacock gudgeon, 6 bronze corys. I am not running any crushed coral, I have some driftwood in there too. My substrate is innate. The tank has been running for a year already. I would assume that it would get more acidic. Can anyone think of a possible cause? The only other thing I can think of is the rocks I am using. They were rocks I picked up from a Home Depot. I tested them with vinegar but I didn’t see any bubbles. Other than the rocks is there any other explanation for the ph increase?
  8. Hey everyone. I have a LFS that actually quarantines their fish for 1 month before putting them out to sell. They monitor and medicate the fish during that time. I know the easy answer is always quarantine but my set up at home doesn’t allow it. I have a 40 breeder and a 10 gallon shrimp tank. No other places to me to temporarily house fish. Before I got away with it because my shrimp tank was empty, now not that case anymore. Main question, do you think it’s safe enough for me to just add fish? I’ve done it before with other fish from them, so far a good track record, but now I’m a little gun shy
  9. I am torn between 6 Congo Tetras or 8-10 Cherry Barbs for my 40 breeder. Opinions? Tank: 75-78 F Hard water (no definitive number but I live near LA so I know it’s hard) Filtration: Tidal 35 and double sponge filter Moderate-heavy planting level Stocking: 8 Glowlight Danios 3 Peacock Gudgeons 1 Honey Gourami 2 Red lizard tail catfish 7 Orange Laser Cory Doras 1 Hillstream Loach 1 Bamboo Shrimp 4 Amano Shrimp 1 Mystery Snail
  10. What do you do to make sure the top is level?
  11. So what are your tips to make the top level?
  12. I’ve built a couple aquarium stand for smaller tank and they’re currently on carpet but I’ve ran into this problem and what some insight. This is going to be a long post so saddle up. When constructing an aquarium stand how important is it that both the top and the bottom are level? I’ve heard that it would put and uneven amount of pressure on the tank and it could cause a break in the future. I’ve also heard a long as all four corners are supported it’s fine. I’m OCD when making things and it drove in insane that it was not level Next question, if it is important for it to be leveled how do you do it?! The most I’ve done is put plywood on top. Is there something I need to do when constructing it?
  13. The progression of this thread is the best. Thanks everyone!
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