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  1. Currently I have a 55 with a clouded archer and 6 roselines. I have absolutely fallen in love with the archer and want to add a couple more so I hoping for a 125 for Christmas this year. I dream of a riparium set up in this tank so the archers can hunt more naturally. I want to fill the tank about halfway and have lots of plants growing up and out of the water.
  2. That is it!!! I need this! How do I tag Corey ...please bring this to the U.S.!!
  3. Mine is a root tab inserter thingy. Like giant syringe for root tabs because my tank is deep and my arms cannot reach the substrate without me getting soaked. After searching feverishly for such a thing I actually saw it on one of Rachel O'Leary's videos. She said it is not available in the U.S. So it exists and i am waiting for Aquarium Co-op to bring it to us.
  4. I really enjoying my freshwater archerfish. I have a lot of projects planned for him. There does not seem to be very much information available online about these fish and I have not come across many people that keep them. I know you are out there somewhere. Would love to find people to share information with.
  5. I just love nature in general. I grow a lot of plants outdoors and have always wanted to try water plants. It was a natural progression for me. Started with a 5 gallon planted tank and a betta, and a wildlife pond. It grew quickly from there. Pics from 2017 Mr Fishy Face and the 1st yr.of the pond.
  6. My other pets include Sofie ..white cat. She is my bf, follows me everywhere and has to be involved in everything I do. We watch aquarium co-op videos together on the weekends. Lilly...grey cat. She is a little more aloof than Sofie. She has catitud..lol Ammo..chi terrier mix pupper.
  7. Hello everyone! I am so excited to be here! I am relatively new to fishkeeping- 2yrs. Currently have 5 tanks all freshwater, ranging from 5 to 55 gallons. My two main tanks are: 54 bowfront corner, planted community- mix of tetras, Cory's, and 5 black mollies 55 (I thought was a 75) with my beloved clouded archerfish and 6 denison barbs. I desperately want to get a couple more archers so a bigger tank is in my future. Currently I am working on getting it fully planted with plant growth above the water. I love watching the archer hunt for his dinner.
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