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  1. Yeah I had similar thoughts as well. CO2 overflow would've occurred well over a week ago, maybe even 2 weeks. I've been lazy about running out for a new tank. With the amount that was left in the tank... I honestly imagine everything in there would've kicked the bucket if it'd dumped. I'm thinking it's more likely I bumped the regulator when rummaging around below the tank and it had a slow leak after that. Unfortunately was not a faint here. I fished it out into a hospital tank and it never moved again, stiff as a board as well. Gave it several hours before deciding it was 100% gone. Seems like seizure, hung out near surface without moving for a while, seizure, death.
  2. I've had a group of 6 chocolate gouramis for about 4 months now. I was sitting near the tank and a sudden movement caught my eye. One of the gouramis was near the bottom of the tank and was making very sudden jolts forward then stopping. It would also spin rapidly in place and then stop, and sort of fall on its side through the water then repeat. It then went near the top of the tank and was still, facing up, for about 20 minutes. During this time I checked and its fins seemed a bit ragged. All the others have neat and healthy fins and this one just doesn't look "as nice". Then it went through another "seizure" and is now laying on its side on the bottom of the tank. Unsure if it's still alive. I'm going to fish it out shortly and move it to an isolation tank but I'm not hopeful; it looks pretty far gone. Wondering if there is any cause I should check for. All other gouramis and fish are behaving normally. I have never noticed any fighting between the gouramis after the first week or so when I got them (establishing pecking order?). None of the other fish pick on them and they also mind their own business in a loose group. I recently started a ParaCleanse treatment because my rams were having those typical "stringy" looking poops after introducing a couple new ones. So I was worried that might be causing an issue but I've checked the params. Everything is standard to what the tank has been for a year now. 0/0/20 I have 2 sponge filters generating plenty of surface agitation, and the tank is well-planted. O2 should be plentiful. My CO2 ironically ran out a few days ago (I think I bumped it and the tank leaked, I have a 2-stage converter so it should've have tank dumped or anything) and I haven't replaced it yet, so maybe that did cause some issues? Today is the 25% water change day on the treatment schedule but I'm wondering if the medication had anything to do with it. No mini cycle or anything but I know it can reduce O2 in the water a bit and changes surface tension... iirc gouramis have labyrinth lungs maybe the medication caused some issue there?
  3. Recently took a stab at bamboo shrimp, purchased 3 at the co-op. 1 was fairly small and the other 2 quite large (2-2.5" maybe) My tank is 6 months old, lots of plants. I feed them 2-3 times per day with Repashy Soilent Green. I turn off the sponge filters for about 30 minutes after feeding. I've had them for 20 days now. The smallest spends almost all its time on the powerhead, fanning. I have seen the larger two fan sometimes elsewhere in the tank but for the past week they've largely been hanging around in my java fern or under a lotus leaf, with their fans closed. Initially they picked the substrate a lot, but then they stopped and switched to fanning for a week, and then the past week they're just clinging to leaves and doing nothing. This morning one of the big ones was on the powerhead with the smaller one, but it still had its fans closed. The little one was fanning away and the bigger kept fidgeting to different spots on the powerhead but never opened its fans. Anything I can change for them? I've adjusted the powerhead and there are several areas of the tank which are getting decent flow (I can tell from observing suspended particulate matter). Maybe they're eating at night and hiding during the day? The tank has no aggressive species, I've never seen any fish bother them except swimming too close and spooking them purely by accident.
  4. She's still alive but doesn't seem to have improved, I may try to set her up in a quarantine tank. Not sure what else to do.
  5. Thanks, I tried coating some cichlid pellets with garlic and feeding with the lights off, but she didn't seem interested. I'll leave them in in case she does later or the corys will eat them, I'm sure. I may leave the lights off tomorrow to let her rest but yeah not getting my hopes up too much.
  6. I've seen her do both, and she can move the male has chased her a couple times today. She's almost touching with her pelvic fins and appears to be hovering that way. The coop suggested maybe trying to get her to eat with some pellets covered in garlic extract, I'm going to give that a shot tomorrow and see if I can get her interested in some food. I have shrimp and snails in the tank, is paracleanse ok for them? Not sure what else I can do to make her more comfortable, or if a quarantine tank would stress her out more than she is already.
  7. She swam forward into the sagittaria and I was able to get a few shots. This is mostly what she's been doing; resting on the bottom like this.
  8. I'll try and get a picture, she's in the back behind some plants and difficult to observe fully. The tank is at 79 currently. I fed the tank frozen bloodworms yesterday - the male ate some but she sort of "picked" at them and then lost interest I'm not sure she actually ate any. I know the coop treats them first but I guess I can't completely rule that out either. What are symptoms to look for?
  9. I got a pair of Bolivian Rams from the coop about a week ago. Suspected male/female pair. They've both been active and healthy until Saturday when I noticed the smaller (possible female) was sticking to just hanging out under the tiger lotus and wasn't eating as much. Yesterday/today she's just hanging out on the substrate there and isn't moving around much. The male is swimming around and active. All other species in the tank (pleco, corys, tetras, algae eater) are behaving normally. She's been fed brine shrimp and krill flakes both of which she was eating her fill of until this weekend. Water params seem ok, pH is around 6.9-7, 0 ammonia/nitrites, less than 5ppm nitrates. Fish does not seem discolored and is not breathing heavily, just not swimming much. Any ideas?
  10. My BN took about 4 weeks to figure out that the algae wafer was food. Now during feeding time he'll find it and chase off any other tankmates that get too close while he's eating it. If you want them to get other foods stop feeding their favorites but I see no reason not to just feed them green beans and let them eat whatever else they please around the tank.
  11. @Ponyoryx drip acclimation is very easy with the airline method. I would highly suggest doing it for shrimp, it's just not worth the risk of a very expensive mistake to save an hour of idle work. To my knowledge all shrimp are sensitive to abrupt changes in water params and should be drip acclimated.
  12. Thanks for the suggestions all! I'm going to head up to the store this Friday and check out all the suggestions in person if possible.
  13. I have a 55g community tank I've been stocking over the past month. The upper water levels are mostly empty and in need of a flash of color. I was thinking between the two I'd take a larger school of smaller individuals, than vice versa. I'm currently eyeing up Lambchop rasboras and considering a school of about 10. Rummy nose tetras also seemed interesting but I've read they prefer soft/acidic water and my water is closer to neutral and medium hardness. I'm all about trying out oddball fish though as long as they're beginner/intermediate friendly so if anyone has suggestions I'd love to hear them.
  14. If you're able to spend a little extra I highly recommend Anker products. I have their 20,100mAh power bank and I love it. It'll certainly cover your needs, and afterwards it's great to take camping, roadtrips, etc. Just make sure to get a head start on charging it, it takes ages off a normal USB charger.
  15. I love the siesta idea to extend viewing times - brilliant. Is there a rough number on how long you should turn the lights off? I'm on my first ever planted tank after not keeping fish since I was a kid (and had no idea what I was doing), and am now coming off the tail end of battling algae likely caused by my overlighting. I'm WFH now and I am a little frustrated with the viewing windows. The room the tank is in has nice ambient light so turning off the lights midday would still allow for nice viewing.
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