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  1. If I could absorb 5% of what goes on in your brain, Id be a brilliant man.
  2. If you need to know anything i can let ya know or point you in the right direction 🙂 , but they are awesome pets, they have quite the dorky personality.
  3. dude this is awesome! now that its really booming after 30 days and the numbers are only going up by thr day, at about what day do you think youll need to start feeding? or do you think the foliage breaking down will sustain until the winter? also this is the nerd in me tryna maximize outcomes, do you think there are things you could feed to maybe gut load them in a sense? like feed them nicer things than foliage waste or do you think it wouldn't really matter much for the nutritional transfer from brine to fish.
  4. favorite line strain has to be the albino sky blue guppies. if im nitpicking it would have to be this hybrid albino blue/red guppy I made on accident my one of my albino red males getting into the albino blue side of the tank. i have him in with a non albino female that looks very similar to him, seeing if i can replicate this
  5. im awful at putting things away, i used to store everything i would need during a day in a dresser across the room and i would just leave bottles of test fluid,airline tubing nets etc.etc. on top of all the tanks, i just set myself up an old maid-cart for my daily activitys on the plus side i put a 32 gallon trash bin on the front so i can have a mobile basin for water changes. im hoping the cart always being right there next to me ill stop setting things on top of the tanks now.
  6. Hey guys how’s it going. My names Devlin 21 year old from good old’ Wisconsin. My most notable point is I’m one of the 3 Axolotl breeders per state in the US 😂 I mostly focus on genetics and making sure all my Axolotls are selectively bred to make sure nothing but strong genes are going out into the hobby as I feel I’ve noticed increased numbers of Axolotls that just aren’t thriving. Have vitiligo or don’t re-gen limbs back correctly when damaged or have other undesirable traits like short gills or other random deformities.I’m gonna do my best to change than and hopefully become the best breeder of Axolotl in the US although my peers are extremely Talented breeders. Enough about the water lizards. I also have a passion for puffer fish I’ve kept pea puffers and my absolute favorite the GSP (even have a tattoo of one on my arm) I also keep some guppie strains I have albino sky blues from twin cities guppies and some diamond backs on top of a strain that I made on accident I’m trying to reproduce. hope to be seeing and hearing from all of you as I’m sure if you’re listening you’ll be hearing from me ive attached a bunch of photos of my babies 😀 -Devlin
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