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Found 3 results

  1. New here, almost decided to trade all my fw fish in since my 10 g reef tank is a fraction of the trouble of my fw tanks. Here is my 1 yr old 75 g about one year ago, just starting with red algae and bba: And here it is today, substrate removed and replaced with inert sts. Algae and cyano is about half as bad as it was 2 mo ago: I'm planning on pulling the co2, removing the (despised) fluval canister, and placing a sicce silent 1.5 behind the fake rockwall, running the return along the top of the wall like a very wide, trickling waterfall. Tank will be 2/3rds full of water. Nothing but the sicce wire coming into the tank. Matten filter foam on the edges of the rackwall closing the 3/4" gap. Right now my black marbled angels live behind the rockwall due to bullying from the panda angels. Flora will be java ferns, anubias, etc on the wall and in the water. Maybe a few ocelot sword. Also I have a 6 g fluval edge with the top removed Id like to turn into a pond tank. Also have a mostly softy reef tank that is being slightly remodeled 1st!
  2. I have a request/question. I am looking at some ideas on how to set up my hardscape for my new tank. I have these three bahai stones, this piece of Manzanita wood, and some seiryu shavings for detail. Would anyone who is artistic be able to put together 2 or 3 ideas for how I can put it together?
  3. I am working on the design or my fish room plumbing system (more to come on the whole design) and I have a question on drilled aquarium overflows. I am looking to add overflows with the low profile strainer to 10g and 20g highs. My question concerns the desire to have the strainer assembly do double duty for larger water changes. Is there any reason to have the strainer assembly unglued to a bulkhead with a slip fitting on the inside so the assembly can be rotated to make larger water changes? I have not found an example of anyone doing this which leads me to believe it will not be practical. The first thought is the danger of the assembly always slipping out of position or worse, out. However I am tempted to try it. Has anyone else given this a try or know of a good reason not to do it? I always believe in getting the best expert advice but also in trying something new. Here is a very simple front and side elevation on a 20g tall of what I am talking about. The horizontal dashed line represents approximately 50% of the water line. Thanks in advance!
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