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  1. Macros and micros alternate for the first 6 days. Then water change on the seventh day. Macros consist of the following solution 10 ml per 10 gallons: 2.5 tsp kno3 1/8 tsp kh3po4 1 tsp mgso4 1/16 tsp k2so4 In h2o to make 500 ml of solution. for micros I use: 1 tsp csm+b traces to make 500 ml. However since iron does not get to plants using EDTA above a ph of 7.0, I add to this 3/8 tsp of (11% Fe with DTPA). Since adding the last ingredient, my plant deficiency of yellow leaves has gone away. Dose is also 10 ml per 10 gallons per day.
  2. Sreding: looks good! It’s OK to have hard water in an aquarium. Unless you are breeding a fish that requires soft water, or raising a plant that requires it, just go with the flow. Steve P
  3. I have been looking for this exact test kit for 3 weeks. It’s out of stock everywhere. At least now I know for sure that it’s the K kit to get. Regards, Steve Pituch
  4. I just checked my notes and my GH is about 3 with the water softener in-line, 14 when it is bypassed. So our WS do their intended job. The added Mg and Ca should help the plants to grow. If you test for Calcium, you can take that ppm and subtract it from your GH ppm and determine your ppm of magnesium. You probably don’t need to add any magnesium if you are fertilizing via estimative index. Just leave the MgSO4 out. There should be a valve built into the back of the WS to bypass it it’s a white PVC push-pull valve. it’s interesting that our local fish and water is very similar. Regards, Steve P
  5. I am worried about your GH. You have very little calcium and magnesium for the plants. In south TX my KH is 14 also, from well water, but my GH is 14. With a GH of 2, you should be adding calcium and magnesium. I am also looking to stock with the same fish: blue fins, mosquitos, and sail fins. I am still cycling the tank but most plants are growing well. I am trying to find a salifert fresh water potassium test kit. When I get it I’ll be able to determine if my K is enough I just watched a video where the person’s java fern was sucking up all the K in her tank. Once she added enough K, the other plants did well. its almost sounds like you have an inline water softener that is removing your Ca and Mg. Make sure you push the bypass valve on the water softener before filling your tank.
  6. Hi All, I used my Ziss breeder for the first time. After 36 hours, the shrimp are very small. I poured some of the water through a coffee filter, poured the clear water back into the Ziss, and dipped the filter into my tank with the wild golden top minnows. They look interested, but it’s like the shrimp are too small Using the Ziss, how do I grow the brine shrimp to a larger size? Do I feed them? thanks steve
  7. Sal, Since you will be fiberglassing the bottom of the strut, turn the fish tank upside down. The glass will lay flat much easier. Support the tank at either end. Have a fan blowing up into the tank for ventilation. Make sure the tank is secure and have someone nearby. Steve
  8. Yes, splint it with 2 or 3 layers of 2 to four once fiberglass cloth on the bottom side at least 6 inches either side of crack. Use epoxy resin. No one will ever know. I heard years ago that the center braces are only for looks. Oceanic figured that people would freak out by the bowing out of the glass when the tank was filled even though it was safe. They used to test the silicone seals by filling the tanks with gravel and pushing down with a mandrel on the gravel. The glass always broke before the silicone.
  9. I find that if it takes me three days to build and finish a DIY stand, then I consider that a satisfying part of our hobby. I’ve put about 12 hours into this one for a 40 breeder, and it’s been fun. The knotty pine was $60. It’s nice knowing that it will be worth a lot more once it’s finished. Next is filling and sanding, then staining and varnishing.
  10. Thanks ScottieB for your expertise. I got 10 1x6x8’s this morning in #2 knotty pine for the base, and started building it. My problem is that I am in a dead spot in Texas for getting Aqueon tanks. I am located in Hallettsville, which is 2-1/2 hours drive from San Antonio, Austin and Corpus Christi to the west, and Houston to the East. So I need to start calling aquatic stores to find one in stock. I am sort of in love with the 40 B dimensions, so I’ll keep looking. Regards, Steve
  11. The Aqueon critical dimensions chart states that the 40 breeder does not have a tempered bottom. https://www.aqueon.com/-/media/files/aqueon-na/us/set-up-guides/criticaldimensions-pdf.pdf?la=en&hash=AF7701FA47F7AAA8CAC7CF03A84F62F7FC50C2B6 if I may be a bit off topic, why is it called a breeder tank? Is it because the bottom glass is weak and can’t take hard scape loads? I do want one, but I want to be sure the bottom can take some load. Steve Pituch
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