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Found 12 results

  1. Gonna be setting up a plant grow out tank. Will mostly be stem plants, although need to be prepared for rooted plants as well. Tank will be 20G high with sponge filtration. Temperature will be set 78* that is average for rest of my tanks. Light is Aquaneat LED full spectrum and will start with a 8 hour siesta schedule. This will be bare bottom and white background on 3 sides. For stocking I was thinking to keep it small and easy care, some danios, pond snails, and a couple mystery snails. Stem plants will be held against tank walls with airline clips @Guppysnailidea 😀 or weighted down to bottom. For rooted or rhizome plants I was thinking, using ACO easy planters this way I could keep them in their shipping pots or easily weigh them down inside them. Fertilizing with easy green and root tabs as needed. Is there anything I’m forgetting? Things to watch out for in a grow out tank? Any tips? or alterations I need to make to my plan?
  2. I have a batch of bristlenose fry around 30-40 babies, currently they are in a well seasoned 10G tank. Nothing else in take except some snails. I’m gonna be moving them to a 29G when needed. They are approximately 2weeks old . 2 questions 1)How long before I’ll need to move out of 10G? 2) my 29G is currently empty, I know I will need to make sure it’s cycled but does it need to be seasoned or can I put them in bare bottom and just make sure I keep up on feedings? 2-3 feedings a day?
  3. I might have a solution for getting a good start for plants that I will want to move later or rooted plants in my bare bottom breeder tanks and It occurred to me that this might be a solution for fish who like to dig up plants as well. This is just one of those free pantyhose socks from the ladies shoe store filled with aqua soil and water sprite. Dose anyone else have a plant solution like this? Has anyone tried something like this only to have it fail and if so how?
  4. PSA just set up last night only have a pump to move water in it right now thinking about adding a sponge or canister So I’m doing a thing got permission to set this big boy up want to start growing out guppys shrimp plants probably some other small community fish that can co-habitat if that’s possible any tips an ideas welcomed
  5. No question this time..... Just needed to remind myself 🥴🥴🥴 gotta stop adding fish to my plant storage tanks. This is the second attempt! No more tanks Ranada! 🤦🏾‍♀️🤦🏾‍♀️🤦🏾‍♀️
  6. Hi, I’m new to forums and I just want to have a general discussion about my 40 gallon breeder currently I have 5 serape tetras, 3 blood fin tetras, 4 Colombian tetras, 2 Madagascar rainbows, 4 rummynose tetras, 11 gold pencil fish 4 angels, 3 roseline sharks, about 12 cories, and a few loaches and a few bristle nose pleco I have a 55 gallon and a 75 gallon I’m looking for ideas to stock them with my current fish *in the 55 I have 2 convict cichlids
  7. Hello fishy people, I've got a batch of maybe 30+ juvenile (about 2 months old?) odessa barbs growing out in a 10 gal with sponge filtration at 77F. Water is changed daily 25-30% at the minimum and they are fed 2-3 times a day, a Coop's fry food or more often BBS. Ammonia, nitrite consistently 0, nitrates ~10 ppm, pH 8-8.2, KH ~8, GH ~14. They are maybe little over half inch now. I keep finding a one or so dead about every other evening lately, last night I found one not doing so well so I netted him out and saw red areas, possibly signs of hemorrhage on his body, at the pelvic fins base and one by his tail. He was dead by this morning. The ones I fished out as dead previously all had red bellies which also made me think of hemorrhage. So I am thinking maybe it's due to overcrowding as they are growing relatively fast these days and the tank doesn't. I am going to move them to a 20 long to give them more swim space. My question is, would you medicate at all at this point or wait and see first?
  8. So it looks like I may have my first fry (medaka) ever soon. I need a grow out tank for them, but what should I use? I'm thinking a 16 quart tub from target since its 3$. Is that sufficient? Should I add a sponge filter? Anything else? Also should I remove eggs from my mop or just throw the whole mop in there for them to hatch out?
  9. Hi All, I used my Ziss breeder for the first time. After 36 hours, the shrimp are very small. I poured some of the water through a coffee filter, poured the clear water back into the Ziss, and dipped the filter into my tank with the wild golden top minnows. They look interested, but it’s like the shrimp are too small Using the Ziss, how do I grow the brine shrimp to a larger size? Do I feed them? thanks steve
  10. Hope everyone is doing well. My Apistogramma Baenschi have fry that are now free swimmers and feasting on baby brine shrimp and micro-organisms. They are currently housed with the parents in a 3ft but I have a 2ft ready to grow them out. My question is when should I? They are just under 1cm in size and are starting to swim up from the bottom of the tank and exploring away from the female parent.
  11. Before After This snail tank started out as a plant grow out tank that I put next to my indoor plants for an experiment. Next thing I knew there was a bunch of snails so it became a snail grow out. Let me know what you think and if you have any questions feel free to ask!
  12. Hey guys, My name is Bruce. I'm relatively new to the hobby ~6 months. I currently only have a single tank with a betta, 6 cory cats, 6 Harlequin Rasboras, some cherry shrimp, and 2 Bamboo shrimp. I've been considering starting a daphnia culture as I have 2 more tanks waiting to be set up and hope to start breeding soon. I was thinking with all the extra nutrients in the water as a byproduct of the daphnia plus the 24 hour lighting would this be an environment where I could grow out some plants or would the 24 hour light dry/stress them out? Also, if I do go about it this way would I be able to float heavy root feeders and will they absorb the nutrients through roots in the water column or will they die from this? Thank you guys in advanced for any answers!!!
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