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  1. Hi Aubrey, I'm also in Seattle! I've been keeping fish for about 20yrs off and on and currently have way too many tanks going, lol. For your 29g, do your prefer using fish that like our low PH/softer water here? Or are you willing to use buffers to keep things that would like more mineral water? Also, is it more of a display tank or a fun for you tank?
  2. Hi Diane! I'm in Seattle. I've been keeping fish for about 20yrs. I'm happy to help if you ever have questions, or just need someone local to gush over fish with!
  3. Welcome!! Cute little baby BN - do you breed them? I ask because I have a 55 full of the little poop factories!
  4. Red koi guppy + cherry shrimp + snail factory day 7 vs day 42 needless to say, my pea puffers are extremely happy fat little marbles xD
  5. some shots of the baby BN (mix of longfin and shortfin, albino and brown in the same clutch!) from itty bitty to green bean poop factories xD
  6. Hello!! That lil puffer is amazing xD I have 3 in my BN pleco grow-out tank to keep the snail population down. My fiance is a kiwi and someday (who knows with the pandemic) I will be moving there (Palmerston North area). I've been looking for fellow fish keepers there to connect with!!! If either of you is willing to share info about local water parameters and fish/plant availability, please let me know, I'd love to pick your brain!! 😄
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