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  1. I have these plants I’ve picked up from a hobbyist who didn’t know much about them. what are they? I see that they have rhizomes; will the rhizome be okay beneath some crushed gravel? I just planted this today and realized what I’d done!!!
  2. Okay! So I left the 100w Eheim heater in a 10Gal Home Depot bucket set to 72’f and the result was without a busted heater! Thinking of it now, I will bring a timer with me & see how frequently the light goes on, and then use the timer the same way with my indoor aquarium. I’ll make some popcorn! The overnight forecast was 8’C. The heater was put into the bucket initially at about 70’f
  3. I’ll see what happens tonight in one of my Home Depot buckets which I normally use for water changes, and then I’ll report back! (Fingers crossed that the heater doesn’t fail)!
  4. Yea I think the wind & surface area to the water is a thing; as well as how thin the plastic container is on its own. I think the problem is heat retention in this case.
  5. Not to sound rude here, but you didn’t read everything because I mentioned the volume of the aquarium in the OP! its 25 gallons
  6. Heyo, I have my planter aquarium I’ll be bringing outdoors once the overnight temperatures rise above 10’c. My question pertains to the heaters capacity to keep the aquarium warm without failure. Is there some kind of formula somebody could help me out with here? I have about 25gallons of aquarium with a nightly low this week of 10’c, and my Eheim 100w heater to boot. I plan on adding an additional heater for safety when I take it out front, but in the meantime, I cannot be testing for something like this with guppies being tropical (cannot go below 72’fh). But’d like to actually *know* if a solo heater could seal the deal. Can you guys help verify this for me?
  7. Hey I know what’s going on... these seeds are off Amazon & are a phony product; these are grass seeds & cannot be submerged in water, even though they are advertised as aquatic
  8. Any ideas what is happening / what can be done? It’s 75/25 sand-garden soil substrate, seeds sprouted after about 10 days, then I topped it with 1/4” sand. 20gal tank with a sub pump filter but no air injection. It’s been running for about 3 weeks now & it begins to melt; 4 days ago I had furry see-through and very thin cotton-like stuff gathering on the grass, and now they are going brown from the tips & dying.
  9. Yup. I’ll be adding support braces / slots for the plastic planters to sit their butts in the aquarium. As well, I’ll have to think of something to stop the centre middle from bowing out with the added water. I won’t be drilling into this cabinet.
  10. I’ve been doing aquariums for the past four months or so now. I’ve had really satisfying results there, and I also have a product that I am developing for sale & doing DIY workshops. The product is *drums roll* 1-4 gallon jar aquariums. This system here is going to be used for growing plants that I will transplant hydroponically to the jar aquariums. A few questions: Which plants are easiest to control, will transplant happily, and look the nicest? In my main aquarium I hang pothos from the water column. I wish for something like this for starter vines, but with flowers! That would be nice. I’ll provide more details if/as the questions & comments come
  11. I hang pothos from my potted planter aquarium right now, and I'll soon be setting up a hydroponic aquarium garden with some nice vines & flowers. It's in a nook on top of a vintage cabinet & it's going to look aaaa maaaayy ziiiiingggg once it's in operation & all grown in.
  12. An aquaponic lid designed for aquariums with slots to insert your house plants into. So simple & so cool.
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