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  1. I just ordered a pogo what do I need to do to make it grow fast
  2. my dream thing for my aquarium would be a kind of sponge filter that you never had to clean and that would autamticaly feed your fish and do water changes
  3. Hi, I just got some fidller crabs yestarda, and when I was looking at them I noticed my female fiddler lost a claw ( is that normall?), and on the inside of my males big claw theres was a blueish spot. Could that be a parasite or a inner disease? please help I dont know if I need to start meding them or if its normall? someone help.
  4. i think Ik what the females name will be lol will the fiddlers eat live plants
  5. what is the joke like ik who she is but not how she could have anything to do with crabs
  6. since I cant deside what to name the female imma do a vote for lindsey stirlying press 1 and for zoidburg press 2 and the name with the highest votes I will name the female
  7. update I got the crabs today ones male ones female as I guessed I think I am going to name the male citizen snips because I love futrama but I still need one for the female
  8. would it survive in brackish water because fiddlers need brackish water
  9. any plants I should put with the fiddlers land or water
  10. i am also getting two hillstream loaches do you have any names for the loaches
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