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  1. Hey all hope all is well.. I’m running a 10 gallon tank with a sponge filter temp is around 76-78 have 3-4 live plants with 1 male Betta and 7-10 cherry shrimp they have been together close to 3 months and getting along great looking to add 1-3 panda Cory’s What do you guys suggest for adding a few tank mates?
  2. Duke


    Started to lose some of my cherry red shrimp, have been doing some research have seen a few people adding tums to there tank for added calcium for there shrimp and snails I have both in tank with 1 Male Halfmoon Betta what do you guys think?
  3. Not too sure I’m a new to the trade have had the tank now Since October with 2 mollies 2 guppies and 2 red eye tetra also 2 zebra snails in a 10 gallon everyone seems happy...the orange molly is still eating and doing it’s thing
  4. Hey all was just wondering if this is bad sign I’ve noticed the last day or too my orange molly has been acting a little funny..I just did a complete water and vacuum to the tank Any suggestions will help
  5. Have my 10 gallon Betta tank up and running my male half moon Betta is doing great we also have added 5 cherry shrimp and 2 zebra snails everyone seems to be getting along the betta has checked out the shrimp but left them alone. My temp for the Tank is 80 I’ve heard the shrimp aren’t to key for the higher temperatures we also have 4 live plants in the tank. Open for suggestions and ideas biggest concern is my Betta is happy and he seems to be likes to swim the whole tank top to bottom
  6. Starting my 10 gallon Betta tank.. it’s been up and running for 5 days have added a betta conditioner 2 moss balls probably around 25% of water from my other thank added 3 live plants and have a sponge filter going. Looking to add my betta ....Was wondering if to add the betta first or the other company..... Was thinking a couple zebra snails some cherry shrimp or panda cory’s Thanks for your time
  7. Also and how to care for it just got it from my local store with a couple of other ones for my other tank forgot to ask what it is
  8. Wondering what type of plant this is?
  9. I’ve got my 10 gallon betta tank up and running added 3 live plants and my sponge filter with a betta conditioner going to let it cycle before adding my betta fish. Was wondering how often to clean the sponge filter I’m new to this system my other 10 gallon is a hang on filter. Ive seen where you rinse the sponge out with the tank water in a bag video was Cory lol anyways any suggestions or ideas can help.
  10. That’s awesome much appreciated absolutely gives me some ideas beauty of a tank!!
  11. Looking to start a new 10 gallon Betta tank...Was hoping to go the sponge filter route,, have notice when going to buy one they do not come with an air pump. Do you need an air pump also any good name brands I should be looking?? Was thinking about adding some cherry red shrimp and some snails to go with it Some live plants also any suggestions
  12. My 10’gallon has been running now for about 4 months...I have one live plant in it do 25% water changes every 2 weeks cleaning the filters in water ( just using the 10 gallon Aqueon kit with hang on filter) and a gravel vac with water change at least 60% every month. I have 2 Molly’s 2 small guppies 2 red eye tetra’s and 2 zebra snails every one gets along in the tank i would like to add one more red eye tetra and another live plant. Is this too much what do you guys think?
  13. That’s great thanks for all the info really appreciated.... Does it matter for size of sponge filter?
  14. Have been looking at 40 gallon breeder Aqueon tanks, I have a 10 and it’s been good.. Was thinking about upgrading to a 55 gallon hang on filter also a sponge filter in the corner. Is this to much or not enough have been watching a lot of videos a a lot of tanks seem to have the sponge filters
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