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  1. Thanks again CT. Everything is looking good so far, appreciate everyone's input.
  2. Ph is ~7.2 and I have the tank set at 76°. I am able to adjust temp if you think I should. I only have little of the fritz left ill go ahead and use it up. Thank you both for all the input.
  3. Ammonia is .5 ppm, nitrite is 0. My other dilemma is I've already added two neon tetras and a black neon. It's a 10 gal. Would you recommend just keeping the purigen?
  4. Thanks for the response.. Haven't tested yet but I'll check it.
  5. Hopefully I'm posting this in the correct place. I've setup a quarantine tank and put salt in it. Thought I would be OK with the fritz bacteria but after about 5 days I noticed a slight ammonia smell and a little yellowish discoloration. I then panicked and added some purigen. It seems to be working but my question is will the tank still cycle with the purigen sucking up all the bacteria food?
  6. I saw a livestream where Cory talked about his opinion of the best frozen food brands. One was Hikari for frozen bloodworms and I cant remember what the brands were for the frozen cyclops and frozen baby brine. If anyone knows or remembers which stream it was I would be grateful. Thanks
  7. Nitrate 40, nitrite .5, ph 6.5, kh 40, gh 180, ammonia 0, temp 76. Bolivian rams which I've had for around three years in a 37 gal planted tank. I noticed recently white spot on both of the males eyes and one of the females eyes that he gets territorial with fairly often. The other female who he spawns with is fine. I've tried melafix and a coop med trio with the full dosage of maracyn and paracleanse only added the one time dose of ich-x at the beginning. No improvement yet so I came here. These pics were taken while they were asleep btw. Thanks in advance for any help!
  8. I've got a 37 gal relatively tall display aquarium been going for around three years. Fluval plant 3.0 on top with a few different plants that are growing well mid and background, easy stuff. Valisenaria, pogostemon stelatus octopus, Java fern, Amazon sword, micro sword, a red one I forgot the name of that is going nuts but, I cant get anything established in the front. Maybe cause too much traffic from the fish idk. I just bought some dwarf baby tears to try but wanted to ask if anyone knew of ant settings on the fluval plant 3.0 that might help my success. At the moment I'm just running the planted setting, Thanks. Chris
  9. I don't know if this is a thing or possible but... a probe that you can leave in your tank and it will tell you all your parameters via an app.
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