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Found 7 results

  1. Hi! Im having trouble taking care of a fish. This angelfish has been handed to me for care. But, i do not know what has happened to it. I don't know if the cloudy eye is from trauma or because of a disease. It used to live in a 55 gal with two other angelfish and a baby irredescent shark. The owner told me that the tank was neglected a few times. When I got the fish the irredescent shark had amonia burns in the fins. Which have gotten significantly better. I treated the fish with paracleanse first, then myradel. Now im using salt. Also there's tanins in the water because of driftwood. First picture is the right eye with the cloudy eye. Second picture the left eye for comparison. What can I do?
  2. Hello everyone, Hoping for some advice. I purchased 2 Figure 8 Puffers 6 days ago. They are in a 32g Fluval Flex that was setup as FW. This tank has been setup/cycled for a few months, originally was housing some smaller cichlids prior to moving them to my main tank and prepping for puffers. They are the only fish in the tank. I purchased one smaller one (about 2in) and a larger one (probably 3.5" or so) that I assume is much older. Both showed normal "new home" symptoms for the first day. The smaller fish began eating after a day, the larger did not show any interest in food but seemed fine. The fish were held in FW at the LFS I purchased them from. About 3 days ago, the larger one (pictured) still had no appetite and started to display a slight white film over one eye. I researched a bit online and decided to dose with Melafix, thinking it was due to possibly injuring the eye from stress glass surfing or bumping into decor. Yesterday (2 days of Melafix), it had gotten much worse, now much less translucent film and visibly white. Only on one eye, still not eating. Today, I noticed it was starting to develop spots on its back that looks like Ich (the pictures look much worse than in person). I decided to visit my LFS for some advice. They strongly advised against using Melafix and suggested ParaGuard and to begin raising the SG slowly. I did a 15% WC and brought the SG up to 1.002/3ish (hard to get exact number on the hydrometer I purchased, I ordered a refractometer this afternoon). I had planned on beginning the move to brackish after 2/3 weeks and the puffers were comfortable with their new home and myself. Larger puffer is very lethargic, staying near the bottom for the most part with the occasional exploring. It doesn't seem to like the lights so I have been keeping them off. It's belly is occasionally lite grey (approx 20% of belly) while floating near the bottom which could just be it camouflaging and not stress? The greyness goes away almost immediately when it starts to swim around again. The smaller puffer seems perfectly fine still, eating as much as I'll give. Swimming around happily, checking on his buddy. pH: 7.5 (can raise with Malawi buffer I have for my cichlids if suggested, LFS said that marine salt will raise this and will test again in the morning EST) Tank has aragonite sand and Texas Holey Rock that was purchased specifically to keep PH higher. It was reading at 8.0 all week on my liquid test but LFS stated it was 7.5 today with a digital tool today. Nitrates: <10ppm Hardness: Reading between 150-300 on Multistrip Tests from coop store Nitrite: 0 Ammonia: Has been 0 all week on Coop test strips and API Liquid Tests. LFS tested water today and said they detected trace amounts <.10. This may be some food I have added over the last 2/3 days trying to get the larger one to eat. Should be resolved by the WC I did today. KH/Buffer: Between 40-80 on the multi test strip Water Temperature: Was 78 until raising to 82 over the past 3 days incrementally. I have read that higher temp is good for treating Ich. I am aware that I may not be able to save it but even advice on something I may have done wrong is helpful. I have tried to be as diligent in research and care as possible and it sucks to see something wrong, especially if it's something I did. I have been looking forward to getting these fish for months now :/ Thanks everyone, Ben
  3. Hello, One of my tiger barbs (picture below) has had cloudy eyes for the past 2 months. He’s behaved normal this whole time and all I’ve done is maintain my 60% water changes hoping that helps. At the start when I noticed I did 25%WC for 5 days but didn’t see any improvements on the eyes. is this treatable? What I see on google and other forums don’t really help as they describe the fish to be lifeless etc. mines pretty much the second tank boss of the barbs. Any past experiences and advice would be appreciated, thanks.
  4. I have a betta that spends his day glass swimming in the tank. He was by himself in a 10 gal for several months. He has glass surfed since I had him, back and forth on the glass. I tried placing fake plants and objects (decorations) in the aquarium to give him cover and things to interact with, but nothing stopped the swimming or the fin extending and flaring. The quarantine tank was near the floor and only gets ambient room light, no aquarium lid. PH=7.42 Ammonia= 0.25 (did a water change recently and this close to my tap water level) Nitrites= 0 Nitrates=30 KH= 3 drops GH= 22 drops Temp= 78F TDS= 785 This was a quarantine tank he was in to monitor him. I have moved him to a planted 20 gal tank that I have cycled and he is alone in that. His glass surfing has continued there over the last two days. The water test was from the water he came from in the quarantine tank. Below is a pic of one of his eyes. This is the best I could get with my Macro Lense, He is contently moving. His eyes look very odd. He can still see and when he moves you can see the pupal of his eye, but the front half is kind of cloudy. When at rest his eyes are kind of cloudy or lazy. The only information I could find online about betta eyes is infection or parasite, Injury, or cataracts? Could he have damaged his eyes on the glass? Both eyes look like this. When he is swimming it kind of looks like drop eye on an arowana, but not quite, so kind of lazy eye and cloudy.
  5. Nitrate 40, nitrite .5, ph 6.5, kh 40, gh 180, ammonia 0, temp 76. Bolivian rams which I've had for around three years in a 37 gal planted tank. I noticed recently white spot on both of the males eyes and one of the females eyes that he gets territorial with fairly often. The other female who he spawns with is fine. I've tried melafix and a coop med trio with the full dosage of maracyn and paracleanse only added the one time dose of ich-x at the beginning. No improvement yet so I came here. These pics were taken while they were asleep btw. Thanks in advance for any help!
  6. I have a 20L tank with 12 rainbow shiners. I realize I have neglected water changes for quite some time and I believe I have been over feeding looking back at things. I noticed something was wrong when one fish had problems with his eyes and was acting erratic. He swam strangely and bumped into the driftwood and plants. He doesn't shoal with the others and I think he may be blind now. This is because when I netted him out he didn't know the net was there and wondered into it when he was bumbling about. I tested the water immediately and my nitrate was off the scale of 160ppm. Here are the test results: PH: 7.3 (two months ago it was 7.74 which is closer to normal with my water) temp: 73 Ammonia: 0.25 Nitrite: 0 Nitrate: 160 + TDS: 656 I looked online and did a rapid nitrate reduction water change I found that targeted salt water hobbyists. I drained the tank to 20% and then filled it to 40% with dechlorinated tap water 2 times. Then one more time I drained the water from 40% to 20% and then filled it up full. My water after the changes: PH: 8.49 Temp: 73 Ammonia: 0.5 (I have chloramine in my tap water so some ammonia is present) Nitrite: 0 Nitrate: 5 ppm TDS: 652 I will keep an eye on the tank and the fish in question still is by himself, but looks like he is picking around the moss and substrate for food. So I think he may not know where the others are in the tank? Also one of the pictures looks like there is some discoloring on one of his gills. Here are some pictures of him and the last picture is of a healthy looking tank mates for comparison.
  7. Hello. I have 2 tanks that i use the same syphon for. All the sudden, both tanks are showing symptoms of disease. My 20 gallon mollie tank has 2 out of 10 fish with brand new white spots. In my 120 gal, My rhombeus Piranha’s left eye is half white. I have raised the water to 80 degrees and added salt. I cant use mechilite green on the piranha. I have read that is is lethal to them. Please help
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