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  1. ...and while we requesting this probe have it measure CO2 and O2
  2. I would like to see an all-inclusive probe and meter that read all the common aquarium water parameters; temperature, nitrates, nitrite, kH, gH, pH and conductivity. That would be really useful if you could read it remotely over a smartphone. It would have alarms for any aberrant parameters. Of course it would probably cost a zillion dollars😅
  3. I understand the Aquarium Coop test strips read chlorine levels. I've searched the forum and can not readily discern an answer to my question. My municipal water supplier uses chloramines as a water disinfectant. Would the Coop test strips give a reading based on the chlorine elements in the chloramines? Thanks
  4. As the previous poster said, there is some beneficial bacteria on your plant, especially the rock wool the plants are shipped in. Did you retain the rock wool and use Easy Planters or are the plants in the substrate? Typically I wait until there is some sign of life in the aquarium (plant growth or algae) before I add fish.
  5. Recently I purchased the 4 outlet metal gang valve from AC. It is a well made piece of equipment that works really well. An article in the AC blog stated that you can use both the inlet barbs on this valve to get more air for the outlets. My air pump has 2 outlets but I use only 1 because Cory said in one of his video's that you couldn't use more than 1 air source from a vibrating air pump because the pump(s) would end up working against 1 another. Can you use both the inlets on the gang valve from the same vibrating air pump?
  6. This place will be amazing! I hope you can use the existing natural pond for your koi. Get them to throw in the Corvette Stingray as part of the deal. Thanks for how generous you are with your times and knowledge, I really appreciate it.
  7. Hi all: I am a long-time hobbyist but fairly new to planted tanks. I've seen Cory add salt into aquariums with live plants and understand that most plants can tolerate some salt. My aquarium is planted with dwarf water lettuce, water sprite, anubias nana petite, java fern and some java fern. I am getting ready to make a second treatment reformer and want to add some salt for the synergistic effect on internal parasites. My question is how much salt can I safely add before it becomes too toxic for my plants? Would you use normal salt, Epsom salt (for the laxative effect on expelling parasites and mineral benefits to plants) or a combination of the two? Water parameters are: Temperature 78 degrees PH 7.2 Zero ammonia and nitrites, nitrates vary but never more than 40ppm Moderate hardness
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