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  1. I have decided that its time to move on from the cinder block stands and am looking for other options. I want to be able to display two tanks on one stand/rack and one on the other. I have 1 75 gallon, 1 40 gallon breeder and 1 zoo med naturalistic double door terrarium (36"L x 18" W x 18"H). If anyone has any ideas I am open to them all. It does not matter which tanks share a stand as long as I can open the terrarium.
  2. Thanks for the help everyone. I will say that it seemed to be more level before the water was added. I think I may drain it and play round with it a bit more.
  3. None of the floors in my apartment are level but I’ve had tanks here for years without issue. Setting up a new one but I have a snake enclosure under it so I’m a bit more worried. Wood and cinder block stand. I have shims if I need to use them but I’m afraid they would do more harm than good in the long run. Any advice?
  4. @Torrey for some reason your link is just bringing me to the amazon home page. @Brian I will see what they offer as well when I am able to.
  5. I am in North America and have been looking for the Colbalt for months. It is discontinued here as well from what I've found. @CoryIs there a substitute that you recommend?
  6. I do have a python. I'm looking to water change quicker when I do not have to gravel vacuum. I have 4 tanks.
  7. Hello Nerms, I am looking for help with speeding up my water changes. I purchased the Aquatop max flow 211 gph from the co op a while ago with the purpose of speeding up my water changes. I haven't been able to get to using it until now. Does anyone have a specific hose that that they like to use with this power head? Will this power head do the job? Any advice is helpful. Thanks in advance!
  8. I have inspected the areas that look like white spots on the fish’s body and they are normal scales when viewed in person.
  9. I have spent time on several other forums and YouTube in search of the answer to this question and the web is split. Are the white spots in my goldfish’s wen fungus or a natural part of growth? I just received this small oranda from an online seller so he is in qt. I have added my water parameters however the fish came in with the white spots so I am not sure how helpful they will be. Finally the aquarium has 1 tbsp of salt per 2 gallons (aquarium coop lvl 2 salt treatment). Ammonia 0 nitrate 0 nitrite 0 hardness 300 buffer 40-80 ph 6.8-7.2 chlorine 0 temp 72
  10. Thinking about adding a bubble wand to my 75 gallon. Does anyone have any good recommendations?
  11. I know that some folks don't trust Wikipedia however the last paragraph in in the aquarium maintenance section comments on this as well. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rummy-nose_tetra
  12. Yes. It looks like you will be able to find out yourself first hand.
  13. Corey has mentioned that the red on rummy nose tetra will be less vibrant if conditions are not as good but I have not kept them myself to test it out.
  14. I think I will check out the local hardware stores and pool supply places. If I do not find anything that I am happy with my fall back is crushed coral. I had to remove crushed coral from one of my goldfish's mouth in the past, luckily I was able to find it in a smaller size. It's just going to cost me more than the sand and everyone likes a deal!
  15. Thank you all for the replies. I've looked into pool filter sand a bit more and have a few more questions. Would crinum calamistratum and vallisneria do well? I watched a video by Bentley Pascoe that said silica sand will cause algae. Any experience with that issue?
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