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  1. Thinking about adding a bubble wand to my 75 gallon. Does anyone have any good recommendations?
  2. I know that some folks don't trust Wikipedia however the last paragraph in in the aquarium maintenance section comments on this as well. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rummy-nose_tetra
  3. Yes. It looks like you will be able to find out yourself first hand.
  4. Corey has mentioned that the red on rummy nose tetra will be less vibrant if conditions are not as good but I have not kept them myself to test it out.
  5. I think I will check out the local hardware stores and pool supply places. If I do not find anything that I am happy with my fall back is crushed coral. I had to remove crushed coral from one of my goldfish's mouth in the past, luckily I was able to find it in a smaller size. It's just going to cost me more than the sand and everyone likes a deal!
  6. Thank you all for the replies. I've looked into pool filter sand a bit more and have a few more questions. Would crinum calamistratum and vallisneria do well? I watched a video by Bentley Pascoe that said silica sand will cause algae. Any experience with that issue?
  7. Hello, To my fellow aquarists I have come to the forum to ask for assisting find my own Aquarium Co-op super sand. To the best of my knowledge Corey uses Cemex Lapis Lustre either .8mm or #8 sand, I'm not totally sure. I have attempted to check the places around me and can only find fine sands. Does anyone have any tips on how I may be able to find something comparable? I've checked lowe's, home depot and local landscape businesses. Thanks
  8. Thanks for your responses. I was hoping to add another stingray but I think I will get a 3.0. So far it seems like the investment will be worth it. And thanks for sharing that amazing aquarium @Seattle_Aquarist
  9. Hello Nerms I am in the process of transferring my goldfish from a 55 to 75 gallon aquarium and inspired by Corey I would like to add a crinum calamistratum. My 55 was lit by a 48in finnex stingray and I planned on using it on the 75. Corey's light guide states that in order to have medium light on a 75 I will need 2-4 fluval 3.0s. What would you add to my stingray in order to produce enough light to grow a great crinum?
  10. I have been fighting the urge to set up an assorted fancy guppy aquarium for quite some time and I think its about time. The local stores in my don't have quite the variety that I would like unfortunately. Does anyone have any recommendations for online sellers of assorted/mutt guppies?
  11. Just picked up a 75 gallon and the glass seems to be tinted a bit. Has anyone else ran across this?
  12. They are not showing any signs of scratching or ich as far as I can tell. I will be monitoring them more than usual for the time being.
  13. Hello Nerms. I currently have my 1st group of goldfish and things have been going good until they start to lose scales. Recent changes to the aquarium include addition of Ziss filter, medium sponge filter, 3 potted plants and a 50% water change. Pictures are attached as well. Thanks for the help in advance. nitrate 40, nitrite 0, gh 300, chlorine 0, kh 80-120, ph 8.4, temp 72F, ammonia 0
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