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  1. Any tips on adding new active substrate to a tank? (Too shallow and I used too much sand not enough active substrate in the beginning).
  2. Anyone know if humans can benefit from KH? (I’m not serious). feels like I’m emotionally crashing hard all the time and the concept of kh buffering water to prevent crashes is a great analogy. What are some things you guys do to not just fix emotional health but also maintain and strengthen it?
  3. The new frozen food news letter keeps taking me to top 10 loaches newsletter instead. Sometimes I need help lol.
  4. Not sure how to get the ball rolling on this but I think it would be so much fun watching a twos match in ping pong with the aquarium guys and Cory. Cory gets priority in picking his team member. Rules are as follows: Off the skylight counts no throat punches no lion fish no FEDS and especially no airline tubing (looking at you Robs) new ideas are welcome. thanks everyone.
  5. My single guppy actually schools with my rummynose. I have noticed when I first turn the light on their noses aren’t the brightest. Few minutes and they colour up right away. This I assumed is natural though.
  6. Well I currently have 8 in my tank so if that’s true this is very convenient
  7. Hello everyone, We've all heard the term canary in the coal mine and I’m curious if people do this but with their aquariums with specific fish? What are the signs? Is it even worth having these fish? I’m curious to know peoples ideas and implications to this.
  8. Found a bubble nest under a Java fern leaf. It keeps getting wrecked but they keep re making it. Super cool.
  9. I bought them assuming they were all males(4 total). I have a video of it but it won’t let me upload it (super frustrating). So far just 1 of them have developed the black underbelly. So I know 1 male for sure lol. The other 3 look like males but definitely not as vibrant as my main boy.
  10. No bubble nest no. Any bubbles on the surfaces of my water would get broken up anyways.
  11. My honey gouramis sort of go in this hugging position then one of them usually releases a whole bunch of bubbles. No biting or marks on any of them. Not sure if I maybe need to re home a fish?
  12. Sounds good. Thank you for the stocking advice.
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