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I have tanks that aren’t exactly level due to weight on the stands and I haven’t had an issue. My understanding is that it won’t harm anything, as long as it’s in one direction. Either left to right OR front to back. The problem comes when you’re essentially twisting the tank (BOTH left to right AND front to back). 

Like @Cleveland M said, the water line can be a bit annoying, but with my tanks that dip to the left, it’s not enough that it comes below the black trim, so when I’m looking at the tank I can’t notice the water specifically, but I can notice that the tank isn’t exactly level. It is what it is. When I move I plan on redoing some things to take the annoyance out of it. 

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If it was my personal tank in a building I own. I would trust it. The only thing I really care about is diagonally, you don't want the aquarium "twisting". Otherwise, for me personally as long as the water level stays above the black trim on the lowest side, I'm happy. I do make a reasonable attempt to level something, but at a certain point it's not worth the effort.

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On 10/30/2022 at 5:37 PM, Art Aquariums Anime said:

Thanks for the help everyone. I will say that it seemed to be more level before the water was added. I think I may drain it and play round with it a bit more.

they tend to move a bit when filled up, unless they are on concrete.

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