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  1. I've had 5 sparkling gourami in my 15 gallon for the last few months, and when I first got them they were all about the same age, however over the past month I've noticed one is substantially thinner than the others. I've been monitoring his behaviour and he's eating just fine and isn't any more timid than any of the others, although does have a ripped tail fin, anyone have any idea what could be going on and what I should do? (First picture is the ill fish, other picture is one of the other healthy 4)
  2. Okay I have a tentative hypothesis. Whilst the duckweed (yes I know, I was naive) is thriving I have noticed I have way less elodea than I usually have. Since my nitrates were 0 I would perhaps guess the duckweed has been outcompeting the elodea for nutrients and causing it to die off in an ammonia bomb, and I've forgotten to add fertiliser lately
  3. Should I be concerned by the fact it made its way into my aquarium? I haven't added anything, plants or livestock, into it for a couple of months, and all fish are accounted for
  4. It was waving that thin appendage around on my finger and in the air. I was. Creeped out by it to say the least.
  5. I have a 15 gallon tank with two medium sized sponge filters 5 sparkling gourami and 11 dwarf corydoras. It's been running for about 6 months but yesterday I did a check and my ammonia is at 0.5-1ppm. I feed a small pinch of flake+3 corydoras pellets once every two days, and have a heavily planted tank. The only thing I've changed recently is cleaning one of the sponge filters, I emptied some water from the tank into a bucket, took the sponge out and rinsed it in the tank water, put more water from the tank in the bucket, repeat. I tested my nitrates today and they were zero, but I also have lots of duckweed so suspect that might be causing that? I've added seachem prime but in the meantime, any advice?
  6. Hi, I was shifting the tank around on my dresser today and I think in the process must have pulled the bracket away from the glass, is this something I need to be concerned about?
  7. @CorydorasEthan oooh I look forward to seeing your pictures. Also love your signature. I adore my habrosus, when I've stopped being a student and so have a more permanent place I really want to get a 29 gallon and have a large school of pandas.
  8. Thanks so much! I wanted one sandy open foraging area for the corydoras and another densely planted area for the gourami. It turned out better than i was ever imagining
  9. 15 gallon nano community, about 6 months old. Fish: 6 celestial pearl danios+1 juvenile 5 sparkling gourami 8 corydoras habrosus Plants: 2 java ferns+God knows how many plantlets 2 anubias nana 2 anubias nana petite God knows how much elodea A great deal of java moss 1 microsword
  10. I have 5 of them in my 15 gal (not sure of genders, I'm consciously keeping an eye out for aggression and find damage) and I absolutely love them. They very learly and deliberately hunt for microfauna and when they catch the light it's spectacular
  11. Planting right away made it so much easier to cycle my tank, especially stem plants, because it's a very visible sign that "Oh, there are things living here, there are actual biological processes happening" plus I absolutely adored the snails. The first snail I ever saw in my tank I watched and photographed for an hour.
  12. This plant was sold to me as sagittaria subulata but someone on reddit thought it might be a microsword. Does anyone have any care tips? I've buried some tetra initial sticks in the substrate close to it (UK, can't get easy root tabs and these were cheap), does anyone have other recs and suggestions?
  13. Haha, I'm pretty sure I have a video on my phone where I was filming a shrimp eating, and a cory comes out of nowhere bowling him out of the way
  14. @Kirstenthank you! I have some dwarf sag and anubias nana petite arriving in the mail, which is going to go towards the back of the tank to provide extra cover, also the left corner is lacking on account of the sponge filter that was way bigger than I expected, I might try surrounding it with elodea though
  15. I am familiar yes! Thank you. I really like foos style of tank and I'm trying to emulate that on one side, but I've noticed that with corydoras they are way more entertaining if there is a wide open space for foraging.
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