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Found 11 results

  1. Hi all! I recently found a 2-3 inch asian leech in my 20g tank. I moved all of my shrimp into a different tank as soon as I saw it. Remaining inhabitants of the tank are 6 (tho I can only find 4) otos, 10 pygmy corys, and 3 honey gourami. They all seem very healthy/happy, with the gouramis breeding. I've done a LOT of googling and it sounds like asian leeches don't hurt fish? Wondering if anyone has experience to validate/invalidate this? If I keep the tank set up, do I need to have tools that I just use on that tank? AND, if I get too repulsed (I have a leech phobia) and tear down the tank, will there be eggs on the tank surface or do they just lay in substrate/roots? I would rather save for a new tank than risk bleach not fully annihilating any potential eggs. I am sooooo appreciative of any advice/help y'all can provide!!
  2. I found this leech in my 10 gallon betta tank. I have 1 male betta, 1 young flagfish and 3 peppered corys and a bunch of little snails in the tank. I have been looking at all the fins on all the fish and have seen nothing on the fins. I found the first leech in the betta tank about a week ago. I haven't seen leeches in the other tanks. I have been watching them and their fish closely, too. I have a cycled 10 gallon tanks with 10 small tetras, 3 corys, an adult guppy and 4 young guppies. I have another cycled 10 gallon tank that is pretty maxed out with guppies. I have an empty 10 gallon tank I could start to cycle. I have been studying the photos on AquariumScience.org 10.13.4 Aquarium leeches, but it doesn't look like any of the photos to me. Is this the kind of leech I need to worry about? If so, should I move the fish, and if yes, which tank should I move them to? Note: the leech is in the bottom of a standard deli container. It is the round blob on the wall on the container. I added that photo so you could see how big it is Thanks for your experience and advice.
  3. I purchased some new plants, and they arrived a couple of days ago. Yesterday I found a 2" long, undulating swimmer in the tank, which shrinks down to about 3/4" when stationary. The tank is brand new, with only water, substrate and the plants I purchased. Customer service looked at the picture and said it is probably a leech or some type of worm, and is most likely harmless. I removed the critter. This tank is going to be exclusively for my Bloody Mary shrimp. My question is, does anyone have experience with leeches in a shrimp tank? Although I removed the adult, are there eggs or cysts on my other plants or in the substrate now? I'd appreciate it if anyone can share their experiences.
  4. Hi, Probably not your typical question for here.... I found a leech here in TX. I want to keep it alive for my daughter to use in a 5th grade science fair. I’ve tried feeding it with earthworms, snails, chicken hearts but it is not feeding. It becomes active and starts coming towards me when I am near. Understandably I do not want it to attach to me to feed. Any suggestions?
  5. Video: What Type of Worm is This? Can you help me to identify this worm? I'm a new aquarist and I've never seen this before. It is in a 10 gallon planted tank with snails (ramshorn and bladder) and red cherry shrimp. Previously there were rummy nose tetra and, on another occasion, 2 reticulated hillstream loaches (temporary quarantines). The substrate is mixed sand and gravel. In the video the worm appears to pulse or breathe with the skinny end, reaching up towards the surface, possibly searching for food. The stumpy end anchors it down until it decides to move on. Turning up the lights or moving something around causes it to retreat into the gravel. I managed to capture it by scooping that section of gravel. Would this be harmful to fish? That is my primary concern. If it ate snails it wouldn't be that bad. I wouldn't like it eating shrimps, but if it just ate fish poop and uneaten food I could possibly live with it Thanks.
  6. It was waving that thin appendage around on my finger and in the air. I was. Creeped out by it to say the least.
  7. Hey everyone, Can someone help ID this mysterious thing that showed up in my tank today? I'm thinking that it is either a dried aquarium leech (planaria?) that I accidentally added with some live black worms that I bought today, or the empty shell of an Aquarium Co-op Root Tab which I added to my tank a month ago. . . Thanks, Jacob
  8. I spotted this guy about an hour ago in my 20g long with my new rainbow stiphodon gobies. He wasn't bothering the fish but he was doing weird wavy movements just above the gravel before slinking back underground. I pondered on what I'm gonna do and then I decided to just hunt him down and get him out of there. Google images are giving me all kinds of ideas on what it is but I'm pretty convinced it's a type of leech. What do you guys think? Parameters: pH: 8.2 Ammonia: 0.25ppm (The test kit always reads that with my water, even straight out of the tap.) Nitrite: 0 Nitrate: 20ppm Temp: 78F
  9. Any possible ideas of what this thing is? It came out of my 6 gal during a water change. I tried to take it out to take a clear picture, but it immediately rolled up into a ball. From what I can see it isn't segmented and it moved very smoothly. Can't figure out how to compress the video on my phone to upload that
  10. I'm embarrassed, disgusted, and concerned that I found what I believe to be at least one leech in one of my tanks. I noticed one about a week ago and could not catch it. They seem to stay in the substrate. Well, I caught one tonight. From the little research I've done it could be harmless to fish. Just wondering if anyone has encountered leeches in their tanks before and what they did about it?
  11. Hello everyone, I have a 10g planted / shrimp tank that I started about 4 months back. At that time I was under the impression that I could feed them micro pallets, that I feed my tetras in the bigger tank. Turns out I grew a bunch of hair algae, snails, hydra, and this worm I can't figure out. I have taken care of the hair algae by water changes, and changing the food to dedicated shrimp food. Took care of Hydra by using a Azoo Hydra/snail treatment. This worm is a mystery to me, as I can't figure out how to get rid of it. I started taking them out using a tissue paper first, but then I would not see them in the day, now they mostly come out at night. The reason I want them gone is that I think they are eating shrimplets, as I haven't seen any, though there have been a few shrimps with eggs. When they move they move by elongating their body, sticking, and then pulling the body back. They have a hard skin when I have touched them. I am not sure how to attach a small clip, as the forum would not allow me. Thanks a bunch, love from Lahore, Pakistan.
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